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Getting Started with Sectional Track

In this class, you’ll see how easy it is to get started with model railroading in any of the major scales using sectional track. The idea of using sectional track is the building block concept with fixed, straight, and curve radius pre-fab sections. It’s hard to go wrong using sectional track, especially as there are…

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Model Paints and Tools

Model painting and the associated tools are an essential part of our model railroad hobby. In this class, your instructor Doug Hodgdon will show you the assortment of paints, solvents, stains, brushes, and other tools that he uses at his own workbench, and how they may fit into your creative process. Doug’s idea is to…

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Creating Rock Scenery Class

A key component in turning a model railroad track plan into a layout is realistic scenery. Regardless of what part of the world you model, there is a high probability that the terrain includes some rocks. Whether they are huge mountains, bluffs over a river, or a shallow rock cut through rolling hills, rocks are…

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Friends of the 261

Ah, when spring returns to the Northland, it’s time to refresh acquaintances with the BIG trains in my neighborhood. There are many local locations that I’ve explored for decades and which have fueled my lifelong passion for trains, big and small. A great spot for me is what was Great Northern’s Minneapolis Junction in northeast…

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Creative Ideas for Model Railroad Structures

Photo by Doug Hodgdon Model railroad structures are important in many ways, and by “structures” I’m including bridges and other man-made, primarily fixed elements that we include in our layouts. Structures can be assembled from combinations of wood, stone, concrete, or steel. They can be loading docks, a wooden pony truss bridge, a stone retaining…

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