TRACK TALK LIVE: February 2018

Check out the recap of our monthly Track Talk Live with model railroad expert and long-time train enthusiast Doug Hodgdon. Doug answers your model railroad questions live on the air in this fun, interactive, and informative Q&A.

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38 Responses to “TRACK TALK LIVE: February 2018”

  1. Noel & Jane Wilson

    Hi.. We have been in the Train hobby most of our lives, and have large Ho that runs on computer for the main line with Sound around and 24/7 one hr. lights plus lighting storms.. also, Large garden R.R. as our u-tube shows. Any way just one question due to we do a lot of animation on our R.R. We are now trying to fine somewhere to get a hold of 1 1/2 volt or 3 v. DC motors with warm dr. gear boxs .. Any ideas beside taking kids Dolls apart for the drive like for moving arms or eyes. Anyway just picking your brains that may have some place to find a Mfg. that we can find some? Thanks for your time Noel & Jane in Rio Linda, Ca.

  2. David Buuck

    My question is I am trying to program my Walther’s Turntable and I am having severe problems as the instructions that come with the turntable are so vague or it is i am so computer illiterate help or tell were i can find info

  3. JOHN

    Very nice show, congratulations it is well worth the time spent watching. Miss Choo Choo does a great job as Moderator. I am looking forward to the next show.
    Thanks for all your efforts.

  4. Brent Groth

    Just contemplating a indoor and an outdoor gauge one layout. Which brand of track would you prefer?

  5. Christopher

    My grandfather’s 1930s vintage Lionel trains have been in storage since 1969. How do I go about determining if they are electrically safe to run? (Steep Falls, Maine)

  6. Larry

    Would you please list all the manufactures that have complete equipment to make automated grade crossings with movable gates and sound and lights ???

  7. dan

    for the red wood bridge what do you seal it with to protect from water and sun for guarden RR?

  8. Larry Smith, MMR

    An answer to the narrow gauge question, he needs duel gauge track for both 3′ and 4’8 1/2″

  9. David

    I am wanting to set up the transition area. I am 53 been collecting my stuff for years Ho is my gauge. Can I use the narrow gauge track and connect to the regular track. Just wanting a Denver Rio type area. Have had lay outs up and down over the years.

  10. Scott

    I recently returned to model railroading. Can a layout/trackwork be set up to run both DC (analog) and DCC/sound equipped locomotives, but not simultaneously?

    • John Mavilio

      I am getting back to HO model railroading. I want to build , design a layout similar to B&M that used to run down the end of my street.l brings back a lot of memories. The area l live in is Everett, Ma. Anybody with info or insight into my project let me know. Email and let’s talk.

    • Harry N Thompson

      Depending on the type roof you need, there are several options for a scratch built roof-
      1- the easiest is to use the carton from a breakfast cereal to make the roof, and cover it with a paper first aid tape to simulate rolled roofing. Cut the tape to a scale 30″ wide X 12 feet long. Start at the bottom of the roof, applying the cut “roofing” in parallel rows with a consistent overlap -( I use approximately 3 inches.) on each row of roofing. Do not forget to overlap the peak to cover the joint between the sides.

      – A second option for HO scale, would be to cut paper with pinking shears, giving a diamond shingle design, again keeping the rows uniform, and remember to cover the peak with individual “shingles”.