Track Talk Live: March 2017

The March edition of Track Talk Live saw MRA’s Doug Hodgdon and Steve Doyle fielding a wide range of model railing topics in various scales. How to keep tracks clean, preferences in building lift-outs or swing gates, leaving gaps in track sections versus soldering joints, adding smoke to steamers, and several questions about getting started with a layout design kept Clickety and Clack on their toes!

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34 Responses to “Track Talk Live: March 2017”

  1. Lou Grasso

    On another occasion I asked a similar question about using pastels to weather engines and could pastel dust cause problems to engine parts.You guys gave me a terrific answer, stating, in general, pastels are not too dangerous to equipment. However, my updated question is; can pastel dust cause problems with the electronics, especially chips and boards used in DCS and DCC environments. In the old PFM sound days, most things were analog, e.g., wires and pots, etc., and we were not as concerned. Love what you guys are doing. Thank you, Lou

  2. Willard

    What is the best way (if one exists) to remove 20 year old paint from a plastic model?

    • Customer Service

      Hi, Willard. Well, model company used a variety of paints. I’d try alcohol on a Q Tip to start. I’ve heard of some modelers using brake fluid. You will need to experiment. Let me know how you do.

  3. Warren

    Hi Guys
    Iam finding really difficult to get spares for my Barchman locomotives here in Melbourne Australia, would I need to get to Barchman? if so which Branch either in USA or where should I contact for spares. Thanks

  4. John

    Ballasting HO do you use fine or medium ballast and what is your procedure for laying ballast. I use 70% iso alcohol and woodland cement.

  5. Rolando

    One last question guys: I mostly use KATO locomotives. Maybe my second choice will be Atlas. BUT in rolling stock I am kind of lost. What would be your top brands for it? And more than welcome to Costa Rica guys! Pura Vida.

  6. Robert

    Are metal wheels on HO rolling stock worth the price of wheel sets in your opinion? And do you have a favorite brand, approx. 300 cars(1200 wheel sets). I know the help keep the track cleaner, just wondering if you have noticed a huge difference between plastic and metal wheels.

  7. Lou

    When weathering with pastels, is there a danger of pastel dust harming engine parts?

  8. Bob

    at public crossings – trains blow 2 longs a short and a long – the last long lasting until the lead engine clears the crossing. Where did this combination of blows come from . I’ve asked other railroaders and they quote a rule # such and such in the operators handbook..

  9. Robert

    FYI: Arduino modules are computer chips used to control electronics such as LED’s, servos or automations. I have seen them used for turnout control and random lighting effects in structures.

  10. Scott Perry

    Arduinos are small programmable circuit boards that are all the rage. You can make them control lights, turnouts, servo motors and many other things.

  11. Rolando

    Hello from Costa Rica guys. Any experiences with using Automatic Fluid Trans for cars on cleaning your layout? I do N scale. Thank you.

  12. Larry

    A form of polling is still done today in Franklin Park, IL where Soo/Milw puts flat or standard box under wood roof that a box car has less than 6 inches of clearance
    Also just add extra feeds

  13. tommy

    what base do you have plywood? what color do you paint it before you start the grass? My biggest problem is the ground cover start

  14. Spanky Fuentes

    Have you guys used Selkirk leafs out of Canada?
    I started using this product this March and the tree leafs are amazing. I thought I would pass this along to you guys.
    Thank you
    Spanky Fuentes
    Temple, Texas

  15. charles

    Has anyone developed a way to prevent shadows on a backdrop. Look behind Doug for an example of shadows on the sky.

    • Justin

      Hi im modeling Richmond Va , there are 3 elevated lines . I am trying to get them all to run over each other ( im am modeling on a 4×12 layout , how would I be able to create “distance” in my layout

  16. Alan

    Painesville Ohio…. Building my Ho layout and looking for track layout ideas. Is there any websites or books out there that you know of to help someone to get the most out of their layout…IE radiuses, Spurs and switching. Thanks in advance