TRACK TALK LIVE: November 2017

Check out the recap of our monthly Track Talk Live with model railroad expert and long-time train enthusiast Doug Hodgdon. Doug answers your model railroad questions live on the air in this fun, interactive, and informative Q&A.

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20 Responses to “TRACK TALK LIVE: November 2017”

  1. Jim Lewis
    Jim Lewis

    is there a way to connect with other modelers who are asking questions on the show?

  2. Bill Mitchell
    Bill Mitchell

    Does Model Railroad Academy have any articles / DVD presentations on recommended practices for building a HO gauge helix?
    I am looking for the minimum / maximum percent of grade, helix diameters, clearances between parallel tracks in the helix, and the inside – outside supports.

    Is there any recommended distance between the layers on a multi-layer layout?

  3. Eric Landry
    Eric Landry

    Hi Mr Hodgdon my name is Eric Landry from Montreal.(you have to excuse my poor english cause I’m a frenchy canadian) I just have a simple question. I’m looking for an electric system because I want to install some lights (in homes, the street etc… I’ve looked and there is a lot of different system. Is there one better than the others, what would you suggest me ? Thank’s

  4. Frank Ayre
    Frank Ayre

    I have a Weaver car (O scale) and the trucks are broken. Were can I get new trucks that will work with this car?

  5. John

    I model in HO scale and I have a bunch of tyco cars and was wondering what type of couplers were used on the cars and how do I replace them if needed?

  6. Wayne

    When joining track in any gauge should you leave a gap due to weather changes causing expansion or contraction?

  7. John

    On which side of the track should signals be located? How about if located near a siding?

  8. BRIAN

    recently I dismantled my Ho scale, now in progress to rebuild , what would be the correct height for my baseboard, I am 5′ 7 inheight

  9. Bill Freeland
    Bill Freeland

    At what distance should feeders be put in around the layout that connect the the bus wires?

  10. Lou

    I have an O scale layout and I’m using an MTH TIU and hand held DCS remote controller. There are 3 separate transformers running three loops that connect to each other via switch tracks. All wiring works great, usually, but now and then I get shorts when passing from loop to loop. This seems to happen only when I have too many engines on the tracks. Any thoughts on my issue will be appreciated?

  11. Wilbert

    Sorry for the criticism, I really think Doug needs to work on his speaking. IE his major pauses and the overuse of UAH.

  12. PETER

    hi my name is peter and iam 71years old and I have just started railways I wish to do ho scale my problem is I have no idea on where to start I do have lots of books and I do not wish to start with a training set

  13. Doanie

    were to buy a good train set the size you have in background on your show…Also what size is that.