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TRACK TALK LIVE: August 2017

August’s Track Talk Live saw Doug Hodgdon and Steve Doyle take to the road to visit the G (Garden) scale layout of Bob Rivard, whose layout has been featured in Great Model Railroads and Garden Railroads. With lots of action behind them, the duo of Clickety and Clack fielded many questions from beginners wondering about…

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The MRA team of Doug Hodgdon and Steve Doyle (“Clickety and Clack”) hosted the May Track Talk Live at Steve’s “CB&Q/Lines East” S-Scale layout. Viewers representing virtually all of the scales submitted live questions from across North America. Among them, the crew discussed troubleshooting faulty locomotives, DCC-running versus DC, inspiration for layout aspects, tree-making and…

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Track Talk Live: March 2017

The March edition of Track Talk Live saw MRA’s Doug Hodgdon and Steve Doyle fielding a wide range of model railing topics in various scales. How to keep tracks clean, preferences in building lift-outs or swing gates, leaving gaps in track sections versus soldering joints, adding smoke to steamers, and several questions about getting started…

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Track Talk Live: February 2017

N-Scalers took center stage on the latest Track Talk Live with MRA Editor Steve Doyle and model railroad expert, Doug Hodgdon. Responding to a host of questions submitted live, Steve and Doug discussed DCC, speaker baffles for sound, adding weight to improve traction, track cleaning devices and even creating custom liveries and logos for our…

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TRACK TALK LIVE: January 2017

Model Railroad Academy’s Clickety and Clack (Doug and Steve) fielded a wide variety of live questions from viewers on the latest edition of Track Talk Live. Among the topics discussed are DCC (use it!), flower foam for scenery (don’t!), creating smooth transitions for inclines (cookie cutter method), making basic turnouts DCC-ready (cut gaps), replacements for…

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Track Talk Live: December 2016

December’s Track Talk Live with Doug Hodgdon and Steve Doyle was the final installment of 2016, and featured many questions regarding paint stripping, basic track design and electrical hookups, selling vintage post-war trains, adding DCC to engines and best materials for creating mountains. MRA members and live Track Talk Live viewers from around the world…

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