A Unique Technique for Constructing Model Railroad Mountains

Duration: 2:08

In this segment, George Sellios says adding large model railroad mountains to a scenery can be challenging, but ends up being visually beneficial to the overall layout. Watch as George demonstrates his unique technique for constructing large mountains and the reasons he uses this method. Find out what materials are needed and tools to use when constructing your very own model railroad mountains at home!

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      Yes I have. My opinion is that they are great for larger areas, but it’s hard to create detailed shapes with them.

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  1. philipgray

    I log-in then can not get back to this video. You need to make this site more user friendly.
    About ready to block it. PG

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      Hi Philip. You will want to first log in and then you can click on the video. I am sorry for any inconvenience. Let us know if you have any questions.
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