• 1:01:31

    Track Talk Live: August 2016

    August’s Track Talk Live with MRA’s Allen Keller, Doug “Clickety” Hodgdon and Steve “Clack” Doyle featured a wide range of topics including news from the recent NMRA Convention, advances in decoder technology and how to foster the growth of model railroading among young boys and girls. Participants from as far afield as Australia, Brazil, South…

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  • 59:36

    Track Talk Live: July 2016

    July’s Track Talk Live featured MRA’s Steve Doyle and Doug Hodgdon in a lively hour of questions and answers on many facets of model railroading, including layout building, roadbed and track-laying, intermodal operations, DCC installation and weathering. Viewers from as far away as Australia, the United Kingdom and Ireland engaged in multi-scale discussions with the…

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  • 1:00:37

    Track Talk Live: June 2016

    Thank you for joining us for our inaugural Model Railroad Academy Live Event! If you missed the show, you can watch the recap here. The show featured a lively exchange of tips, information and insight from special guest Allen Keller, the pioneer of model railroad video production. Managing Editor/Moderator Steve Doyle and Associate Editor Doug…

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  • 39:37

    MRA GOLD LIVE: Modeling Beautiful Foreground Trees

    Learn how to create highly detailed and realistic deciduous trees specifically for the foreground of your layout with Model Railroad Academy Editor Ron Marsh.

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  • 43:58

    MRA GOLD LIVE: Modeling Pine and Deciduous Trees

    Model Railroad Academy Editor Ron Marsh discusses various techniques and materials for both pine and deciduous trees to add realistic forests to your layout in this MRA GOLD LIVE event.

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  • 36:33

    MRA GOLD LIVE: Easy Weathering Techniques

    Model Railroad Academy Editor Ron Marsh demonstrates easy techniques for adding basic weathering to your freight cars in this MRA GOLD LIVE event. These techniques will enhance the realism of your rolling stock and your overall layout.

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