• 4:01

    Model Railroad Weathering Tips for Stock and Structures

    As Bob Hayden puts it, you can spend as much time and energy as you want trying to wear down and finetune the components on your model railroad, but more often than not, it’s paint that’s going to give you that aged and worn out appearance you’re after. Experienced modelers like to utilize different kinds…

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  • Tips for Touching Up Model Railroad Scenery Water

    Tips for Touching Up Model Railroad Scenery Water

    Experienced modelers use a number of different techniques to create model railroad scenery water for their layouts. Depending on the body of water you’re creating, whether it’s a calm lake or fast-moving river, you could have a few options from which to choose. And those options might vary scene by scene, so it’s important to…

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  • 3:32

    Adding Texture to Old Model Railroad Scenery Ground Cover

    Over time a model railroad begins to lose luster and show signs of wear, be it from artificial light damage, oils from our hands or plain old gravity. To counteract this effect, it’s important to regularly add texture and color to your layout. And it’s especially important for model railroad scenery ground cover, which is…

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  • 5:08

    Personalizing Your Model Railroad Layouts

    Building your model railroad layouts from prototype railroads can be a great way to gain inspiration and avoid losing focus on how you want your scene to come together. The reason most of us first got into creating model railroaders was because of an obsession with the real thing, so it’s only natural that we…

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  • Stress-free Model Railroad Layout Design with Mockups

    Stress-Free Model Railroad Layout Design with Mockups

    Some of our favorite techniques for improving model railroad layout design are the ones that save time and energy after the railroad has been completed. There are few things more frustrating in this hobby than gluing down a structure or trackage and realizing days, weeks or months later that it just doesn’t look right. Once…

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  • Model Train Lighting

    Enhancing Your Scenes with Model Train Lighting

    A well lit model train layout can appear highly realistic and stunning to the eye, whereas a poorly lit layout can look toy-like and clearly artificial. Luckily, there are a variety of ways to use proper model train lighting to enhance the realism and visual appeal of your layouts and keep your viewers fully engaged.…

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  • O Scale Train Layout of Durango on D&RGW Railroad

    On3 Scale Train Layout of Durango on D&RGW Railroad

    The year is 1950, gold has recently been struck in the mountains of Colorado, and an industry is ready to explode. There’s a major need for a means of transporting gold, silver and other forms of ore from mining facilities in the hills to production centers in nearby cities, and thus enters the D&RGW. Conveniently,…

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