• 5:43

    Creating Pine Bark Rocks

    A few years ago when Allen McClelland was working on his yard, he looked down at the pine bark mulch he had, and realized it was a good looking strata for sedimentary rock. He started rooting through looking for good pieces and found some sections that would work excellently. He saws them in half to…

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  • 6:06

    Tour Chooch Rivard’s Model Railroad Layout

    In this Model Railroad Academy video, take a tour through Chooch Rivard’s model railroad layout as it runs through an operating session. Shot from the perspective of the conductor, this tour provides a great inside view of the layout. Chooch’s model railroad layout features flat land, green scenery, blue skies, utility poles and much more.…

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  • 4:26

    Creating Old-Style Model Street Lights with Martin Tarnrot

    Modeler Martin Tarnrot will demonstrate his technique for making model street lights in the old style with wooden poles. The material required is 2.5 mm PVC tubing, 0.7 mm brass tubing, SMD type LED lights with copper wires, and the lamp housing. To start, Martin gives the tubing some surface structure using a coarse sanding…

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  • 2:16

    Overview of the Bluff City Southern Part 2

    Here is a look at Allen Keller’s own Bluff City Southern model railroad featuring five railroads in the second installment of his video series. Since his part one overview in 2001, he has completed the Tennessee peninsula, so now the layout consists of three peninsulas including Bluff City Yard in Memphis, which is the main…

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  • 9:52

    Touring the Bluff City Southern Part 2

    The tour of the Bluff City Southern model railroad of Alllen Keller starts out with the Illinois Central City of New Orleans coming from Chicago powered by E-8 number 4011. The brown and orange cars pass by downtown with Dixie manufacturing and a tanner on southern trackage. The City glides by the freight house and…

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  • 2:45

    Owner Inspiration & Techniques on the Bluff City Southern

    Bluff City Southern has an operating scheme that is different from any other model railroad with five railroads interchanging in Memphis. Allen Keller’s wife, Janet asks him how that all works. Cars interchange in Memphis in Bluff City Yard, The Frisco comes in from Arkansas, and the Missouri Pacific comes in from Arkansas running on…

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  • 7:24

    Allen Keller’s Lessons

    Allen Keller knows that you can’t learn everything you would possibly want to know about model railroading from instructional manuals and magazine articles alone. For example, you don’t have to model straight lines, his curved peninsula creates a more interesting effect. The other thing to consider is fatia, it’s a good idea to drop the…

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  • 5:11

    Making Cotton Fields with Allen Keller

    Allen Keller models many cotton fields on his Bluff City Southern model railroad layout because the area he modeled of the South in the 1950’s was primarily a cotton growing area of the Mississippi Delta and West Tennessee. He goes on to demonstrate how he creates these fields. To start, he takes a piece of…

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  • 8:56

    Vehicle Bashing and Operating

    Following this demonstration, you can take any metal vehicle and damage them to make them look like they are wrecked for an abandoned field. The tools you will need is a dremel tool with a round ball burr bit of a small diameter, some cutters, a needle nose pliers, a hobby knife, a razor saw,…

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