• 8:54

    Making Swamps on the Bluff City Southern Model Railroad

    Something often found in the South is a swamp. Allen Keller has two swamps on his Bluff City Southern model railroad layout. One swamp is down by the Mississippi River and the other is in the area between Toone, Tennessee and Jackson and the Hatchie River Bottoms. His swamp at the Hatchie River Bottoms is…

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  • 3:34

    Arranging Urban Structures on the Bluff City Southern

    Many model railroaders don’t have enough space to create large city scenes. Allen Keller’s downtown Memphis area on his Bluff City Southern model railroad is about seven feet deep. It has the illusion of having a lot of buildings, but there are really not that many. Some of his buildings are even removable and blank…

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  • 7:11

    Working with Curved Easements with Martin Tarnrot

    In this video with modeler Martin Tarnrot, he will discuss how to add curved easements. This adds to the appearance of the railroad and the functional reliability. The subroadbed is a 12 mm thick plywood sheet. This first step in laying the track is to mark the centerline of the track. He uses a homemade…

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  • 2:11

    Overview of the Piermont Division Model Railroad

    The Piermont Division is one of the most artistic layouts in our hobby. Its builder, Howard Zane is a graduate of the famous Parsons School of Design. He has worked professionally as a painter, sculptor, and industrial designer and this training and talent are apparent everywhere on this masterpiece layout. This HO railroad runs through…

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  • 9:51

    Touring the Piermont Division

    The tour of the Piermont Division of Howard Zane begins with two big articulateds from Clinchfield leaving the Bond engine terminal. The lead engine is a Number 742, a 2882, and the second engine is Number 670, a challenger. In the back of Ticknor Yard is the city of Old Bridge. The two giants will…

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  • 9:14

    Operations on the Piermont Division

    Operations on the Piermont Division model railroad of Howard Zane begin at Ticknor Yard, as ABA set of F7s leaves town with the Bond Engine terminal off to the left. The leased C&O units come out of One Mile Tunnel and pass the Cola Marshalling Yard. Then it’s on to Gilbert’s Gulch and then Morgan.…

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  • 5:02

    Owner Inspiration & Techniques on the Piermont Division

    The Piermont Division of Howard Zane has changed much since Allen Keller saw it last. Allen asks if Howard thinks the layout is complete. Howard’s response? A layout is never complete. Every time he sees someone’s layout or some photographs, he wants to make a change in the layout. Since Allen has seen it, Howard…

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  • 8:27

    Constructing a Waterfall

    Howard Zane has done beautiful water scenes on his Piermont Division model railroad. Allen Keller asks his secret. Clear silicon blue is Howard’s favorite technique. He goes on to demonstrate his technique in this video lesson. Howard starts with a sheet of gator board found in most art stores. To cut the gator board, Howard…

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  • 3:52

    Creating Coal Piles with Howard Zane

    Howard Zane demonstrates how he creates a coal pile in a tender in this video. If your tender doesn’t have a molded coal pile, the simplest way to make the pile is with a piece of modeling clay found at most art or craft stores. Howard starts by ripping off a piece and kneading it…

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