• 3:02

    How to Design Model Train Layouts: Tips and Techniques

    Designing and constructing an impressive model railroad is no easy task. It takes many years, much thought and plenty of patience to develop a layout that is both easy on the eye and well operated. Figuring out how to design model train layouts also takes learning from the innovative experts who have taken the hobby…

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  • 4:32

    Preparing for a Model Railroad Operating Session

    After you’ve designed and constructed your ideal model railroad, then comes the operating! For some modelers, operations are the best part of the hobby: staging a real train operation with all the switches, blocking and split-second decisions, just on a smaller scale. If you’re the kind of modeler who can’t wait to finish the layout…

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  • 2:38

    Exploring David Barrow’s CTC Board and Signaling System

    Every modeler has their own preference for how they operate a model railroad layout. Whether you opt for timetable and train order, executive decision-making operations or simply letting the trains run without restrictions, that’s your call. On David Barrow’s HO scale layout of Cat Mountain & Santa Fe Railway, a seemingly complex system of signaling…

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  • 4:20

    David Barrow on Developing Model Railroading

    One of the biggest questions for an expert in any hobby is how do you continue to grow and develop your skills? After you’ve learned seemingly everything about your hobby and created a masterpiece, where do you turn to discover new things? That’s what host Allen Keller wanted to know when he sat down with…

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  • 1:55

    Q&A with David Barrow on Cat Mountain & Santa Fe

    The linear design of David Barrow’s masterful layout of Cat Mountain & Santa Fe Railway catches many of his new visitors off guard, as this maze-like form of model railroading is rarely utilized. That which surprises the average viewer about David’s layout is also what makes him a true innovator of the hobby, and was…

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  • 1:54

    Weathering Techniques for a Dry Landscape

    Ask any experienced model railroader their opinion on weathering the components of a layout, and we guarantee they’ll tell you it’s a necessity. You can’t achieve the most realistic scenes possible unless you make them appear to be lived and operated on, which requires weathering. On David Barrow’s HO scale layout of Cat Mountain &…

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  • 5:30

    Plastering and Painting Model Railroad Scenery

    When it comes to painting and decorating the landscape and scenery on your model railroad layout, there are a wide variety of techniques you can use to create the aesthetic you desire. Whether plaster and latex or styrene and watercolor, the choices are seemingly endless. On David Barrow’s HO scale layout of Cat Mountain &…

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