• model railroad yard design

    Enhancing Your Model Railroad Yard Design with Five Details

    George Sellios sits down with Allen Keller to discuss a few simple things he uses for his model railroad yard design that add a great deal to the railroad. George expresses five of the most common details that he has used in his model railroad yard design, which are broken pieces of glass, scrap wood,…

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  • 5:30

    Weathering Model Railroad Cars

    Weathering model railroad cars, one of the main components on a model railroad layout is one of the most important aspects for making your scenery as realistic as possible. Master modeler George Sellios is one of the hobby’s best at weathering model railroad cars and the many elements of his layouts. Mike Tylick is another…

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  • 2:51

    Model Railroad Scenery Techniques for Creating Rotted Ties

    For master modeler and kit builder George Sellios, there’s no big secret or unorthodox technique necessary for creating a realistic scene, it’s all about keeping things simple while adding as much detail as possible. In this segment, host Allen Keller sits down with George Sellios to find out what model railroad scenery techniques he uses…

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  • 1:48

    Cleaning Your Model Train Layout

    In this segment, George Sellios addresses how having a model train layout located in the area where he holds a lot of his shop materials requires a bit of cleaning. Keeping and maintaining a layout as big as his can be difficult at times. To help you keep your own layout clean, George demonstrates his…

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  • 3:40

    What His Layout Means to George Sellios

    Allen Keller and George Sellios talk about what his Franklin & South Manchester Railroad layout means to him, from the master’s dedication to John Allen’s innovative weathering techniques to his supreme attention to detail. In this interview, you’ll learn how this massive project represents his zeal to perfect it as well as his talents for…

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