• 3:39

    George Sellios On Scenery Techniques for an Urban Layout

    All model railroaders have their own preferences for how they like to build and detail the scenery on their model railroad layout. From the structures to the trees and everything in between, the choice is yours as to how you want your finished layout to look. That’s one of the greatest aspects of model railroading,…

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  • 3:00

    George Sellios on Weathering a Model Railroad Track

    Weathering the components on a model railroad layout is one of the most important aspects for making your scenery as realistic as possible. All railroads, no matter how old or well constructed, will experience aging and wear and tear, especially the trackage. Rust, warping and dirt happen to real railroad tracks, so naturally they should…

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  • 2:29

    George Sellios on Model Railroad Benchwork and Lighting

    The model railroad layout begins with the benchwork. In starting to design and plan a layout, the first component you have to consider is how to maximize your space and build a structure that suits your unique specifications. For a little bit of help deciding the best option, we like to turn to the experts…

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  • 5:37

    Q&A with George Sellios on Building F&SM Railroad

    For many years, George Sellios was known the world around as owner of Fine Scale Mechanics and creator of the best model railroad kits money could buy, but people always wondered when George would finally take the plunge and build his own layout. Well friends, he eventually did, and we have to say it’s exactly…

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  • 2:04

    George Sellios on Planning Model Railroad Buildings

    George Sellios is famous in the model railroading world for his intricately built and weathered structures, so it’s no wonder we wanted to know how he plans the design and placement of the buildings he includes on his model railroad layouts. Host Allen Keller visited the master’s studio to get a closer look at the…

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  • 5:58

    Creating Model Railroad Streets and Fences

    You can almost never add too much detail to your model railroad layout. If it appears in large scale, chances are it stands to appear in miniature scale. This theory applies to urban settings on a layout, where attention to detail is more than just appreciated, it’s admired. When it comes to creating cityscapes, there…

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