• 2:29

    Junctions on the M&K

    A unique feature of Don Cassler’s M&K layout is the multitude of junctions. In this video, watch the operation of the M&K and follow along as Allen Keller questions Cassler on the intricacies of his model railroad. The model’s major junction, the HA, features a tower that was modeled after an actual tower in West…

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  • 2:35

    Hidden Staging Yards

    Don Cassler’s layout uses hidden staging yards during its operation. Hidden components on a layout can be an operator’s nightmare, but it has worked for Cassler and his team. In this video, not only will you learn about the hidden staging yards, you will also learn about the various modelers’ contributions to the layout, and…

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  • 1:04

    Brief Overview on Constructing Benchwork

    In this video, Allen Keller questions Don Cassler on the benchwork in his layout. The materials used in the layout are those typical of a model, but their durability is unique. Cassler and his fellow modelers built the benchwork so that it could last and hold up after any sort of impact. Cassler also contributes…

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  • 1:33

    Don Cassler’s Satisfaction in Creating Model Railroads

    There are many areas in which a modeler can find satisfaction in their model railroad. Enjoyment can lie anywhere from the art, to the end result, the operation, or the construction. As Don Cassler describes to Allen Keller in this interview, for him the satisfaction lies more in building the model railroad and less with…

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  • 3:29

    Enhancing Locomotive Performance

    In this video, Mark Vinski, a CSX engineer describes to Allen Keller the various mechanisms of his model locomotives which make them so reliable and keep them performing at the top of their potential. Smooth motor operation is just one key factor in locomotive performance. The micro motor that Vinski uses works in conjunction with…

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  • 3:41

    Super Detailing Model Railroad Cars

    Super detailing can really bring your cars to the next level of realness. Though cars and kits may come with a great deal of detail, some custom additions can be added to achieve the ideal effect. In this video, Allen Keller sat down with Bill Hanley to discuss how he became interested in super detailing,…

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  • 5:12

    Track Detail & Signaling System

    One of the many details that make the M&K such a masterpiece of model railroading is the intricate track detailing, and the working signaling system. Working in a team with each member offering different expertise means this model railroad achieves a high level of realness and smooth operation. Track work is at the heart of…

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