• 5:34

    How to Make Ground Contours with Lou Sassi

    In this video Lou Sassi demonstrates the material he uses to create model railroad scenery ground cover on his Western Hoosic Division. Lou likes to call it ground goop. He mixes one cup celluclay, a third cup of white glue, and a third cup of brown earth colored latex paint. If planning on storing the…

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  • 2:10

    Creating Scale Leaves with Ed Styles

    Ed Styles, member of the Western Hoosic Division’s Lou Sassi’s Tree Group talks creating scale ground cover leaves in this video. Ed uses real dried leaves picked around fall time. He dries them and removes any big stems from the leaves so they are easier to work with. Next he puts them in a blender…

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  • 4:19

    Building a Model Railroad Forest with Ed Styles

    Lou Sassi’s friend Ed Styles is going to demonstrate creating a model railroad forest. First is to finish the right of way on the track. The hard shell scenery is already installed along with teddy bear fur that has been colored. The teddy bear fur which usually comes in brown can be bought at most…

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  • 7:34

    Final Thoughts on the Western Hoosic Division

    Allen Keller and Lou Sassi discuss some ending thoughts on Lou’s Western Hoosic Division model railroad. What Lou likes most about his layout is the satisfaction it gives him and the pleasure he finds in operating. It is enjoyable for him to work on, but for him operating is what it is all about. An…

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