• 3:43

    Control Systems on the Union Pacific Cheyenne Division

    Allen Keller asks John Gray how he likes to operate the Union Pacific Cheyenne Division model railroad. The control system that John uses on the layout is a Linn Hanson Westcott “How to Model a Model Railroader 1959”. He tries to run it single-handed as much as he can, which means he can do only…

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  • 6:06

    Weathering on the Union Pacific Cheyenne Division

    The locomotives and the cars look like they have been running through Wyoming. How does John Gray succeed with weathering a dry landscape? This is one of Phil Gazzano’s real strengths, to take a photograph that John provides him of a locomotive and to weather it so it looks like how it would in real…

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  • 0:53

    Visitor Questions on the Union Pacific Cheyenne Division

    What kind of questions do John Gray’s Union Pacific Cheyenne Division visitors ask him? The general public can’t believe that all the items on the layout that are made out of brass. Because of this disbelief, he keeps one locomotive unpainted to prove to them that they are indeed brass. Next they wonder why he…

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  • 5:30

    Problem Solving on the Union Pacific Cheyenne Division

    With so many pieces of brass on the layout, John Gray must perform constant tweaking to get them to run right. He actually enjoys it because he likes problem-solving and getting the engine to run. Phil Gazzano demonstrates the tweaking. Phil starts by taking the superstructure off. Then he starts inspecting, slowly spinning the drivers…

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  • 5:12

    Collector Advice from John Gray

    Allen Keller sits down with the owner of the Union Pacific model railroad, John Gray, to ask of his advice to other brass collectors to ensure their stock is running. First, rather than just leaving a piece of brass in the box and storing it away when they collect it, they should catalogue it in…

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