• Tips for the Layout - Lighting

    Dimming Fluorescent Model Train Lights

    There are a number of different ways to light your model railroad scenes, from black spotlights to incandescent runners. You can get pretty creative with the kind of lighting you use in your layout, but most modelers opt to go the inexpensive route and utilize basic fluorescent tubes. Fluorescent model train lights are cheap, reliable…

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  • Eight Great Tips for Paint

    Tips and Tricks for Making Model Railroad Paint Last

    Few would call model railroading an inexpensive hobby. With all the supplies necessary for building the most realistic models, costs can add up pretty quickly, so it’s important to try to make your materials last as long as possible. This is especially true for model railroad paint, which is vital for adding customization and personalization…

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  • Kitbashing Highlights and How-To

    Kitbashing HO Model Railroad Structures

    Commercial kits are an excellent alternative to scratch building components for your model railroad layouts. Hobby shops and craft stores sell a wide range of kits, from locomotives and rolling stock to urban buildings and farm structures. While these kits come perfectly prepared and ready to be installed into your scenes with just a bit…

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  • Weathering Structures with Water Colors

    How to Weather Model Trains with Watercolors

    When you look at some of the best model railroads built by experts, you’ll notice that they don’t usually feature buildings with clean white walls and elements fresh from their boxes. There is almost always some form of weathering, especially for scenes set in rural scenes or in past decades. That’s because weathering components of…

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  • Getting Started

    Preparing Model Train Layout Kits for Assembly

    Model train layout kits can be a modeler’s best friend. For scenes that involve an extensive downtown layout or maybe a variety of elements, building everything from scratch gets old pretty fast. Luckily, hobby shops and craft stores release more and more products by the day to help you remove some of the stress of…

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  • 8:01

    Bringing Layouts to Life with Detailed Model Railroad Stuff

    God is in the details. This old mantra stands especially true for model railroading, which is largely dependent upon the amount of effort and patience you are willing to show a layout. If you take the time to add small details that give touches of realism to your scenes, those scenes are going to come…

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  • Adding Depth and Dimension with Model Railroad Accessories

    Adding Depth and Dimension with Model Railroad Accessories

    Next in our discussion of methods that add intrigue to a large horizontal portion of a model railroad, we look at ways to increase the dimension and depth of a scene. Previously, we showed you some of our favorite techniques for making small changes to the layout that improve spacing. Now, we’ll insert model railroad…

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  • 4:26

    Model Railroad Scenery Techniques: Creating Vegetation

    When you look at a model railroad scene built by an expert, you’ll notice that almost all spaces are filled with something that keeps the viewer’s attention and makes the scene appear realistic. You’ll rarely find gaps where nothing exists, unless the train is travelling through wide open expanses. However, in the case of an…

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  • Adding Details to a Flat Model Train Layout

    Adding Details to a Flat Model Train Layout

    Certain model railroad scenes are bound to be flat and empty; not all portions of a railroad can have the bustling downtown or the narrow pass with the severe drop off. But just because a model train layout doesn’t have any towering mountains or expansive bridges doesn’t mean it has to be boring. You can…

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