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    You don’t need any special skills or background in electrical engineering to properly connect the trackage on your model railroad layout to your digital command center. All it takes to safely and correctly wire tracks to the DCC on your layout is a basic understanding of resistance and wire gauge, along with a quick trip… Read more »

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    Decoders can be used on a model railroad layout to operate a wide variety of components, from switches and lights to signals and controls. But the most important piece of equipment you can control with a decoder is the locomotive. In order to properly operate a locomotive with an onboard decoder, you have to first… Read more »

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  • Model railroad dcc systems

    There are many benefits to using model railroad DCC systems on your layout, both organizationally and aesthetically. With a direct command center, you can drastically improve the way your layout is run and maintained, and you can add a variety of tools to your system to customize the way your specific layout functions. From block… Read more »

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  • model railroad dcc

    Knowing where current is flowing can be essential to a well operated model railroad. When operations become more involved and you have multiple trains running at once, it’s important to have a complete sense of which lines are in use and which are clear should you need to alter your schedule. If you’re like us… Read more »

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    It’s time to take a look at the components you need to put DCC on your model railroad layout. DCC expert and modeler Steve Barkley introduces to you the materials you’ll need to begin putting DCC on your layout. In this video, learn the necessary information for determining the right command station for you. See… Read more »

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  • Tips for Painting Backdrops for Model Railroads

    Nothing completes a model railroad quite like a well made backdrop. You can add a remarkable amount of realism to your model railroad layouts by setting the scene for a nice blue sky day with a room-brightening backdrop. To create your own illuminating backdrops for model railroads, all you’ll need are a few basic materials… Read more »

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  • MRA 011293f_U0699U_c

    Join Allen Keller on a trip around the Bluff City Southern. This HO Scale model is a representation out of the past, depicting several states in the south from the 1950’s. This model is a representation of five great locations around Memphis, Allen’s boyhood home. This model spans all the way from Greenville, Mississippi to… Read more »

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  • Introduction to the Franklin & South Manchester Layout

    For many years, George Sellios has been famous in the world of model railroading for his intricately detailed and high-quality structures. Followers of his products began to wonder when they’d ever get to see behind the scenes of one of his layouts, and friends, the day has finally arrived. Host Allen Keller visited George’s workshop… Read more »

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    One of the first questions modelers must ask themselves when beginning to design a model railroad layout is, in what time period should I set this scene? There are a number of considerations that go into selecting the right era for your layout, especially in regard to nailing historical accuracy. To help you figure out… Read more »

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