• model railroad ideas

    In Part Four of his series on Bruce Carpenter’s BNSF, Allen Keller sits down with Bruce to discuss the reasons and rationale for the model railroad ideas and design he incorporated into his massive layout. Bruce explains that he wants to represent the heavy density traffic on just a small portion of the sprawling Western…

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  • 1:25

    If you’re planning a layout, then setting realistic goals is usually a must in order not to suffer (too much) frustrations and anxiety along the way! However, everyone’s expectations and work ethic are different. And so it was when Bruce Carpenter planned to have his huge 25′ x 62′ HO layout operational in just six…

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  • 2:48

    Learn how you keep a huge fleet of engines and cars constantly updated in a modern era on a model railroad. Bruce Carpenter tells MRA’s Allen Keller that it pays to not be a rivet-counter. He knows that some of his engine numbers aren’t exactly correct because of constant repaints, but there’s a certain level…

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  • 6:59

    David Holl’s HO scale Penn Valley Railroad is a masterful example of a railroad layout built around modeling reality. Everything component of David’s spectacular railroad is intended to captivate, and the Penn Valley is the culmination of a decades-long obsession with Pennsylvania railroads. In this segment, David sits down with host Allen Keller to talk…

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  • Tips for Painting Backdrops for Model Railroads

    Nothing completes a model railroad quite like a well made backdrop. You can add a remarkable amount of realism to your model railroad layouts by setting the scene for a nice blue sky day with a room-brightening backdrop. To create your own illuminating backdrops for model railroads, all you’ll need are a few basic materials…

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  • 5:34

    In this video, Allen Keller discusses the inspiration behind the Bluff City Southern. He explains that this model is a representation of his formative years in Memphis, Tennessee. This model consists of five of the railways from the 1950’s that rolled through that part of the country. He explains that this timeframe is one of…

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  • 5:29

    Allen Keller discusses tips and techniques for laying styrofoam foundations on your model railroad benchwork. He explains the importance of using a wooden beam under any type of styrofoam foundation, regardless of the thickness. The benefits of using styrofoam, as opposed to a wooden foundation become apparent immediately given the versatility in cutting foam into…

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  • 11:31

    Who would have thought that even master modelers have questions about model railroading? In this premium video, master modelers grow together in their model railroading by learning from each other. Allen Keller expresses how his model railroad layouts have been greatly influenced by other modelers. For instance, Tony Koester’s layout had the stubby and staging…

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  • Design & Inspiration for the Franklin & South Manchester

    Modelers around the world have appreciated George Sellios and Fine Scale Miniatures for his incredibly detailed scale structures, but it wasn’t until 1985 that George finally decided to build his first full HO scale model railroad. A passion for trains and the urge to create has driven George back to the workshop since he was…

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