• 1:44

    One of the first questions modelers must ask themselves when beginning to design a model railroad layout is, in what time period should I set this scene? There are a number of considerations that go into selecting the right era for your layout, especially in regard to nailing historical accuracy. To help you figure out…

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  • 2:29

    The model railroad layout begins with the benchwork. In starting to design and plan a layout, the first component you have to consider is how to maximize your space and build a structure that suits your unique specifications. For a little bit of help deciding the best option, we like to turn to the experts…

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  • 2:04

    George Sellios is famous in the model railroading world for his intricately built and weathered structures, so it’s no wonder we wanted to know how he plans the design and placement of the buildings he includes on his model railroad layouts. Host Allen Keller visited the master’s studio to get a closer look at the…

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  • 10:21

    Most model railroad layouts are a product of much trial and error and evolution throughout both the design and building stages. So much research is required to build a historically accurate railroad that is also a pleasure to view and operate, it can be difficult to figure everything out before you begin the construction. Such…

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  • Planning a Model Railroad Layout with Tony Koester

    The best model railroad layouts are the ones that have been thought about critically, considered deeply and vetted for historical accuracy and sensibility. That’s according to Tony Koester, one of the hobby’s greatest pioneers, who has long pushed the boundaries of what’s possible on a model railroad layout. Whether through the design of his own…

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  • Talking Custom Model Railroads with Tony Koester

    There are many different ways to build custom model railroads; every modeler has their preferences and things they avoid. When it comes to creating a layout from the ground up, each component of the scenery, trackage and wiring is your choice and dictates the final result. You have a lot of options when planning your…

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  • Tony Koester on Becoming an Expert Model Railroader

    Tony Koester’s HO scale layout of Allegheny Midland Railroad is a construction project more than two decades in the making, and still counting. Over twenty-plus years, Tony has put countless hours, thought and patience into building this remarkable scale extension of the Nickel Plate Road, a railroad that has fascinated Tony since he was a…

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  • Using Hidden Staging Areas in Your Model Railroad Yard Layout

    The proper way to construct a model railroad yard layout has been a point of contention for modelers for decades. For many years, the tried-and-true method was to create a balloon-shaped staging yard complete with complex turnouts and switches. Eventually, though, pioneers of the field such as Tony Koester realized there was a better way…

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  • 3:35

    David Barrow’s HO scale layout of Cat Mountain & Santa Fe Railway has experienced many changes over the years, including an enlarged room and redone track plan. The room that houses David’s innovative West Texas layout has needed to be expanded at least three times over the years in order to make way for new…

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