• 2:59

    There are a number of ways to improve operations and maximize the space on a model train layout, many of which include better design and planning. When it comes to creating aisles for operators to move around and interact with a train layout, most modelers will first build their benchwork and create their scenes, and…

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  • Considerations When Planning your Layout: Handlaying Turnouts and Crossings

    If you have limited space with which to plan your model train layout design, there’s no need to panic, you can still create an impressive scene that appears to cover more ground than it actually does. All it takes to make a railroad scene seem larger is to maximize your space with some creative model…

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  • 4:15

    If every model railroader had their way, they’d have unlimited room to build their layout. Building in tight quarters can often be difficult and limiting in regard to the amount of scenery you’re able to include. However, just because you have a small space to work with when planning your model railroad layout design doesn’t…

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  • Tips for the Layout - Lighting

    There are a number of different ways to light your model railroad scenes, from black spotlights to incandescent runners. You can get pretty creative with the kind of lighting you use in your layout, but most modelers opt to go the inexpensive route and utilize basic fluorescent tubes. Fluorescent model train lights are cheap, reliable…

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  • Making Model Railroad Scenery for Flat Areas

    The best model railroad scenes utilize space well and maintain balance between buildings, tracks and landscape. Achieving proper balance in an expansive scene is important for both the overall aesthetic and the impact of each component of scenery included. For instance, if you place a single large factory at the curve of a track surrounded…

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  • How to Build Model Railroad Scenery with Beadboard Foam

    When setting out to build model railroad scenery, there are a number of methods you can use to create the landscape that makes up your layout. For hillsides and mountains, modelers most often opt for wire mesh and plaster molding, but if you think this process takes too long or seems too messy for your…

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  • Building L-Girder Benchwork for Model Railroads

    When building benchwork for model railroads, the first thing you have to plan and think through is the type of scene you want to construct. Depending on the size, shape and placement of your scene in a room, the benchwork you choose might vary. There are positives and negatives to each type of benchwork for…

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  • 8:09

    Oftentimes when building a model railroad layout, it’s beneficial to utilize a stacked scene with multiple levels. Multilevel model train benchwork offers a number of unique advantages to a scene, one of which being the illusion of grander scale. For instance, you might employ the layout of the multilevel model train benchwork if you were…

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  • Building a Model Railroad Benchwork L-Girder

    The first thing you have to consider when building the benchwork for a new model railroad scene is the type of layout you are looking to construct. There are pros and cons to the various types of benchwork, so it’s important to understand the components of your project before you get started on the frame.…

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