• Adding Details to a Flat Model Train Layout

    Adding Details to a Flat Model Train Layout

    Certain model railroad scenes are bound to be flat and empty; not all portions of a railroad can have the bustling downtown or the narrow pass with the severe drop off. But just because a model train layout doesn’t have any towering mountains or expansive bridges doesn’t mean it has to be boring. You can…

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  • Building Sturdy Model Railroad Bridges

    Building Sturdy Model Railroad Bridges

    For those bridges that cover wide expanses, it’s important to the integrity of the railroad and the safety of your trains that you reinforce your structure to guarantee that it is sturdy enough to endure repeated use. Model railroad bridges are similar to the real things in that they must be first built solidly and…

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    Building a Model Railroad Bridge into an Existing Scene

    Building a new model railroad landscape feature into an existing scene can present a difficult challenge for any modeler, but it can also be a fun little task if you know what you want to install and how to use the proper technique to make the new component fit properly. One such feature that can…

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  • Making Model Railroad Scenery for Flat Areas

    Making Model Railroad Scenery for Flat Areas

    The best model railroad scenes utilize space well and maintain balance between buildings, tracks and landscape. Achieving proper balance in an expansive scene is important for both the overall aesthetic and the impact of each component of scenery included. For instance, if you place a single large factory at the curve of a track surrounded…

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    Building Model Railroad Mountains and Rocks

    Mountain scenery can add a great deal of authenticity to your model railroad, especially when built with care and constructed realistically. For railroads such as modeler Doug Tagsold’s On3 scale recreation of D&RGW, model railroad mountains and rock faces are vital to the scene, as it is set in the rolling hills and high mountain…

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  • How to Build Model Railroad Scenery with Beadboard Foam

    How to Build Model Railroad Scenery with Beadboard Foam

    When setting out to build model railroad scenery, there are a number of methods you can use to create the landscape that makes up your layout. For hillsides and mountains, modelers most often opt for wire mesh and plaster molding, but if you think this process takes too long or seems too messy for your…

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    Tips for Building a Model Railroad: Minimizing Spaces

    Oftentimes when building a model railroad, it can be difficult to avoid flat, empty areas in your scene. Maybe the landscape upon which you’ve designed your layout is made up mostly of cornfields, or perhaps your train’s tracks pass through an industrial town without much other than a few buildings. For those straightaway stretches of…

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    Using Model Railroad Scenery to Disappear Roads

    Forced perspective can be one of the most useful tools the model railroader has at his disposal. You can add a great amount of depth to your scene and create impressive illusions with proper angles and well placed model railroad scenery. These illusions are often necessary for building a convincing model if you are working…

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  • Painting Model Railroad Backdrops: Blending Scenery

    Painting Model Railroad Backdrops: Blending Scenery

    There’s nothing quite like a poorly blended backdrop to take a viewer out of the staged reality of a model railroad scene. But, you can avoid this issue and maintain a fluid scene by making the joint between landscape and backdrop as flush as possible. Good news is, painting model railroad backdrops that smoothly transition…

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