• 6:04

    Using Model Railroad Scenery to Disappear Roads

    Forced perspective can be one of the most useful tools the model railroader has at his disposal. You can add a great amount of depth to your scene and create impressive illusions with proper angles and well placed model railroad scenery. These illusions are often necessary for building a convincing model if you are working…

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  • Painting Model Railroad Backdrops: Blending Scenery

    Painting Model Railroad Backdrops: Blending Scenery

    There’s nothing quite like a poorly blended backdrop to take a viewer out of the staged reality of a model railroad scene. But, you can avoid this issue and maintain a fluid scene by making the joint between landscape and backdrop as flush as possible. Good news is, painting model railroad backdrops that smoothly transition…

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  • 1:40

    How to Make a Model Railroad Road Disappear

    One of the greatest tools of the model railroader is forced perspective. The illusions you can create with proper scaling and the right angles are seemingly endless, and these illusions can often be essential for a realistic model depending on the scene and space constraints with which you are working. An important illusion that expert…

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  • Tips for Detailed Model Railroad Backdrop Painting

    Tips for Detailed Model Railroad Backdrop Painting

    Setting the scene for a model railroad can be a very enjoyable experience, especially if you take the time to experiment with the layout and mood of the backdrop. When you choose to paint your own backdrop instead of using enlarged photographs, you allow yourself a greater deal of room for trial and error. That’s…

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  • Hide Holes with Model Railroad Landscape

    Hide Holes with Model Railroad Landscape

    When building a new model railroad scene, you may encounter a situation where your track must travel outside the backdrop. This might be because you want to create the illusion of a tunnel or you need to change levels for some reason. No matter why you want to put in the hole in your railroad…

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  • Travelling Bob Hayden's Carrabasset & Dead River Railway

    Travelling Bob Hayden’s Carrabasset & Dead River Railway

    In this behind-the-scenes model railroad tour, Allen Keller takes you for a quick trip down the rails of Maine’s Carrabasset and Dead River Railway. You’ll get an upclose look at Bob Hayden’s spectacular handywork on his HO scale recreation of the C&DR, tailing Engine 35 in its travels from station in the small railway town…

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  • Tips for Touching Up Model Railroad Scenery Water

    Tips for Touching Up Model Railroad Scenery Water

    Experienced modelers use a number of different techniques to create model railroad scenery water for their layouts. Depending on the body of water you’re creating, whether it’s a calm lake or fast-moving river, you could have a few options from which to choose. And those options might vary scene by scene, so it’s important to…

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  • 3:32

    Adding Texture to Old Model Railroad Scenery Ground Cover

    Over time a model railroad begins to lose luster and show signs of wear, be it from artificial light damage, oils from our hands or plain old gravity. To counteract this effect, it’s important to regularly add texture and color to your layout. And it’s especially important for model railroad scenery ground cover, which is…

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  • Model Train Lighting

    Enhancing Your Scenes with Model Train Lighting

    A well lit model train layout can appear highly realistic and stunning to the eye, whereas a poorly lit layout can look toy-like and clearly artificial. Luckily, there are a variety of ways to use proper model train lighting to enhance the realism and visual appeal of your layouts and keep your viewers fully engaged.…

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