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    The term superdetailing is often attributed to those model railroad layouts that go above and beyond when it comes to adding detail to scenery and landscapes. Some of our favorite railroads have elements that can only be discovered and truly appreciated by searching and spending the time to look at every inch of the layout…. Read more »

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  • MRA 011127f_U0570u_c

    There are a number of different ways to create water scenes on a model railroad layout. Depending on the unique specifications and scenario of your layout, you could utilize various materials, methods and colors to achieve a realistic waterway. In the case of the busy industrial harbor in George Sellios’s HO scale layout of Franklin… Read more »

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  • MRA 011129f_U0572u_c

    All model railroaders have their own preferences for how they like to build and detail the scenery on their model railroad layout. From the structures to the trees and everything in between, the choice is yours as to how you want your finished layout to look. That’s one of the greatest aspects of model railroading,… Read more »

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  • MRA 011137f_U0580u_c

    You can almost never add too much detail to your model railroad layout. If it appears in large scale, chances are it stands to appear in miniature scale. This theory applies to urban settings on a layout, where attention to detail is more than just appreciated, it’s admired. When it comes to creating cityscapes, there… Read more »

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  • Casting Rock Structures

    Adding rock structures to your layout is a great way to have fun with the scenery while also adding some great detail. What’s the best part about creating these structures? There’s no science to it! In this segment, you will learn how to create realistic looking rock structures by using just a few simple supplies…. Read more »

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  • Disguising Your Scenery-Backdrop Joint

    Seamlessly blending your backdrop into your model railroad scene can be tricky at times. Tony Koester offers some helpful tips for blending streams, rivers and roads with the backdrop. To help avoid situation where the scene intersects the backdrop and forms a 90 degree angle, Tony recommends using a photo backdrop; buy them commercially or… Read more »

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  • Making Model Train Scenery Trees

    When it comes to making scenery for your model railroad layout, sometimes the simplest techniques are the most effective. Especially for forested areas, you can fill a ton of space on your layout without much effort by creating basic model railroad scenery trees that are inexpensive and look highly realistic. On Tony Koester’s HO model… Read more »

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  • Building Model Railroad Tunnels

    There are certain elements and structures on a model railroad that can be more daunting to create than others. You know, the features on the layout that make you groan and say, “I guess today’s the day I do that part.” Model railroad tunnels are one example of a feature that most modelers will save… Read more »

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    When it comes to painting and decorating the landscape and scenery on your model railroad layout, there are a wide variety of techniques you can use to create the aesthetic you desire. Whether plaster and latex or styrene and watercolor, the choices are seemingly endless. On David Barrow’s HO scale layout of Cat Mountain &… Read more »

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