• Model Railroad Tips

    Four Classic Model Railroad Tips

    Enhancing the quality of your model railroad layout doesn’t have to break the bank. In fact, there are various common household items that can transform the overall look of your design. NMRA Master Model Railroader Gerry Leone shares four of his favorite model railroad tips that require few resources but ultimately produce significant upgrades to…

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  • 1:48

    Cleaning Your Model Train Layout

    In this segment, George Sellios addresses how having a model train layout located in the area where he holds a lot of his shop materials requires a bit of cleaning. Keeping and maintaining a layout as big as his can be difficult at times. To help you keep your own layout clean, George demonstrates his…

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  • 10:30

    Clamping Ideas for Gluing Model Railroad Parts

    If you like building structures, few tools are more valuable in gluing model railroad buildings together than clamps. They help ensure tight, square joints which makes assembly easier and finished structures look better. NMRA Master Model Railroader, Gerry Leone, shares tips on the wide range of clamps available, from simple and inexpensive to more costly…

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  • 4:33

    Making Realistic Model Railway Signs for Your Layout

    If you’re looking for one single, easily added detail that can take your layout to the next level of realism – think signage! In the next in his video series on the Conrail New Jersey, Model Railroad Academy’s Allen Keller finds out from builder, Matt Snell, how easy it is to make model railway signs.…

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  • 9:48

    Ideas for Creating Realistic Model Railway Sounds

    Conrail New Jersey’s builder/operator, Matt Snell, tells Model Railroad Academy’s Allen Keller that adding sound was a natural outgrowth of observations that his nighttime operations were too quiet. So he added various model railway sounds via modules with speakers spread throughout his basement and his layout came to life! In a step-by-step tutorial, Matt shares…

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  • 8:06

    How to Design a Model Railway Timetable & Schedule

    When most modelers think about creating a model railway timetable, they incorrectly think that just means creating a schedule by which their trains will run. But as we learn from expert builder/operator, Matt Snell, creating a timetable is so much more than just making a model railroad schedule. Matt attempts, as much as possible, to…

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  • Model Train Maintenance

    Model Train Maintenance Tips for Smooth Operations

    In this final episode of the amazing Stony Creek & Western Rwy, owner Gil Freitag and Model Railroad Academy’s Allen Keller discuss model train maintenance issues on the large 28’ x 45’ HO scale layout. Gil shares some of his model train tips, and his most important one to viewers is simply – run trains!…

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  • 6:59

    Expert Tips and Lessons for Model Railroad Builders

    In Part 7 of his behind the scenes tour of the renowned Stony Creek & Western Rwy with owner, Gil Freitag, Model Railroad Academy’s Allen Keller hears about some of the lessons learned from one of the hobby’s most prolific model railroad builders. Gil has built almost 95% of the layout himself – handlaid track,…

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  • 1:09

    Measuring Tips for Using the Right Scale Ruler

    It’s happened to all of us before – you’re in the middle of a scratchbuilding project and you grab for a scale ruler to measure a piece of wood, cut it and – it doesn’t fit! Why? In your haste to make progress, you accidentally grabbed the wrong scale ruler on your cluttered workbench! In…

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