• Model Railroad Items in a Beauty Supply Store

    Great Model Railroading Tools from Beauty Supply Stores

    It doesn’t always take specialized and expensive tools to get the job done on a model railroad. Often, if you look in the right places, you can find thrifty ways to build, personalize and clean your model layouts. This is especially important because model railroading can quickly become a costly hobby if you don’t cut…

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  • 4:19

    Measuring Railroad Model Components with Calipers

    So much of building an impressive and realistic railroad model is about being precise with your measurements. When converting life-sized objects down to scale, it’s highly important to ensure you take accurate readings so you can make the right cuts and have everything fit together properly. To do so, you need a tool that allows…

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  • 3 Scenery Tools

    Model Railway Scenery Tips: Easy Tools for Foam & Dirt

    When it comes to spreading small pieces of landscape on your model railway layouts, few tools are more apt for the job than your fingers. You can quickly spread large amounts of ground foam, dirt and sand onto your layouts without much trouble, and end up with fairly realistic looking scenery. However, while you can…

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  • 15:25

    Model Railroad Tips: Basics of Drilling and Tapping

    If you want to build your own rolling stock, locomotives and structures from scratch for your model railroad layouts, chances are you’re going to need to know how to drill and tap holes. Most model railroaders may not know the difference between drilling and tapping and the kind of holes each technique creates, but there…

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  • Styrene Scriber

    Using Specialized Model Railroad Equipment: Styrene Scribers

    There are many tools and types of model railroad equipment that are multifunctional and can be used to tackle a variety of jobs on your layouts. The hobby knife, for instance, is perfect for cutting materials, scraping and cleaning train cars and structures, and creating various landscapes. For model railroad equipment like the hobby knife,…

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  • scalpels-vs-hobby-knives

    Tips for Model Railroad Tools: Scalpels vs. Hobby Knives

    You’re going to be making a lot of cuts when building a model railroad layout, and it’s important to know which model railroad tools ought to be used for which kinds of cuts. Hobby knives are great for doing a variety of inexact cuts and handywork on structures and landscapes, but they don’t always do…

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  • CA & Epoxy Tips

    Model Train Scenery Building: Tips for Easy CA and Epoxy

    CA glue and two-part epoxy are a couple of the most commonly used tools in the arsenal of the model railroader. Thanks to their strong adhesive powers and quick drying, these two solutions are the go-to for the majority of model railroad components. However, applying CA glue and epoxy can be a little trickier than…

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  • 4:32

    Tips for a DIY Model Railroad Paint Brush Holder

    Drying paint brushes properly after you’ve thoroughly washed them can be a little tricky, as you neither want to keep them upright to avoid rusting or store them upside down in a container to avoid disfiguring the bristles. The trick is finding an easy way to prop your brushes at a 45-degree angle so as…

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  • Tips for the Workbench - Storing Strip Styrene and Strip Wood

    Building a Strip Organizer for Model Railroad Parts

    There’s nothing more frustrating in the mind of a model railroader than reaching for a wood or styrene strip to apply to a component of a railroad, only to find that you’re short of the size you need. This setback goes for all model railroad parts, from plaster patches for landscape shaping to acetate cutouts…

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