• 21:13

    Applying Model Railroad Decals to Boxcars

    Decaling is an excellent way to add realism and visual appeal to your model railroad boxcars, and it’s a relatively simple process that takes only a little bit of time and patience. When it comes to applying model railroad decals, you have a few different options depending on the level of detail you want to…

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  • 16:23

    Building Model Railroad Mountains and Rocks

    Mountain scenery can add a great deal of authenticity to your model railroad, especially when built with care and constructed realistically. For railroads such as modeler Doug Tagsold’s On3 scale recreation of D&RGW, model railroad mountains and rock faces are vital to the scene, as it is set in the rolling hills and high mountain…

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  • 14:52

    Tips for Building a Model Railroad: Minimizing Spaces

    Oftentimes when building a model railroad, it can be difficult to avoid flat, empty areas in your scene. Maybe the landscape upon which you’ve designed your layout is made up mostly of cornfields, or perhaps your train’s tracks pass through an industrial town without much other than a few buildings. For those straightaway stretches of…

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  • 8:32

    How to Clean Model Train Wheels

    Whether they’ve been used over and over or sat in station for months on end, train wheels are bound to pick up dirt, dust and grime that can cause trouble on the tracks. It’s important for a fluid ride and smooth operations that you take proper care of your train’s wheels and keep them clear…

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