• 14:38

    Model Railroad Wiring Considerations

    If you’re REALLY interested in wiring electricity for your model railroad, then this exclusive premium video is right for you! NMRA master model railroader Gerry Leone gives you an exciting overview as well as essential information so that you can make wise choices about wiring your model railroad. Find out how quickly you can advance…

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  • 9:41

    Wiring a Model Railroad Track

    Wiring a model railroad track is an essential part of any model railroad layout. Find out how important and helpful it can be to keep your wiring neat early on when wiring model railroad tracks. When you go under your layout after everything is complete, and you’re trying to troubleshoot an electrical problem, having neat…

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  • 12:02

    Wiring a Power Reversing Switch with Ease

    Of all the tasks that model railroaders have do, wiring is probably one of the most intimidating in addition to all the wiring tasks, wiring a power reversing switch is perhaps the most disliked of all! Thankfully, NMRA master model railroader Gerry Leone breaks this task down making this process of wiring a power reversing…

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  • 5:23

    Building a Detection System

    Detection systems are an important part of building a model railroad because they determine whether or not a section of the line is occupied or not. In this segment, Allen Keller sits down with Soo Line signal maintainer, Bill Pistello to discuss the process of building a detection system as well their passion for model…

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  • 2:38

    Exploring David Barrow’s CTC Board and Signaling System

    Every modeler has their own preference for how they operate a model railroad layout. Whether you opt for timetable and train order, executive decision-making operations or simply letting the trains run without restrictions, that’s your call. On David Barrow’s HO scale layout of Cat Mountain & Santa Fe Railway, a seemingly complex system of signaling…

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