• 5:55

    How to Make a Proper Schedule for Your Layout

    When it comes to operating a realistic model railroad, a well organized schedule should be top priority. Ask any master modeler what it takes to run proper operations, and they’ll tell you it’s all about the schedule. Whether you opt for timetable, card or any other operating system, if you make it easy for your…

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  • 3:49

    David Holl’s Tips for Creating a Realistic Railroad

    In building a layout, every modeler wants to reach the point where they can say they’re happy with the results. For master modeler David Holl, that confidence comes from two particular things: 1) Visitors can look at your railroad and know exactly where it is set, and 2) They leave with at least one scene…

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  • 3:46

    Using Applied History to Duplicate a Prototype Railroad

    When it comes to prototyping a model railroad layout, nothing is more essential to the success of a duplication than thorough research. It should come as no surprise that some of the world’s best prototypers are also lifelong railfans and highly dedicated researchers. Such is the case for master modeler Jack Burgess, builder of Yosemite…

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  • 6:41

    Master Modeler Jack Burgess: Artist or Technician?

    Jack Burgess is a civil engineer by profession and a railroader by hobby. Some would say the two go hand in hand, as so much of what Jack has created on his scale model of Yosemite Valley Railway is a product of the skills he’s developed in his career. Whether it be his perfectionist dedication…

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  • 9:22

    Jack Burgess on Scratch-Building Scenery Components

    Master modeler Jack Burgess is renowned across the world for his remarkably realistic scale duplication of Yosemite Valley Railway. Thanks to its historical accuracy and scratchbuilt scenery components, Jack’s layout of the California railroad at its heyday in August, 1939 has been featured in model railroad publications countless times since its inception. To get a…

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  • Scratch-Building Model Railroad Structures

    Jack Burgess on Scratch-Building Model Railroad Structures

    If you’re looking for ways to make your model railroad layout appear more realistic and historically accurate, there are few better methods than scratch-building model railroad structures and the elements of your scenery. When you scratch build as opposed to using out-of-the-box kits purchased at a hobby shop, you get to control how each component…

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  • 1:30

    Overview of the Bluff City Southern

    Join Allen Keller on a trip around the Bluff City Southern. This HO Scale model is a representation out of the past, depicting several states in the south from the 1950’s. This model is a representation of five great locations around Memphis, Allen’s boyhood home. This model spans all the way from Greenville, Mississippi to…

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  • Operations on the Bluff City Southern

    Operations on the Bluff City Southern

    Go back in time with a trip into the railroading past! In this video, get an in-depth view of the Bluff City Southern in full operation. See and hear this train station as it was back in the 1950’s. You’ll experience in fine detail an engine pull into the station and drop off a car…

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  • 5:34

    Planning and Inspiration for the Bluff City Southern

    In this video, Allen Keller discusses the inspiration behind the Bluff City Southern. He explains that this model is a representation of his formative years in Memphis, Tennessee. This model consists of five of the railways from the 1950’s that rolled through that part of the country. He explains that this timeframe is one of…

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