• 10:30

    Clamping Ideas for Gluing Model Railroad Parts

    If you like building structures, few tools are more valuable in gluing model railroad buildings together than clamps. They help ensure tight, square joints which makes assembly easier and finished structures look better. NMRA Master Model Railroader, Gerry Leone, shares tips on the wide range of clamps available, from simple and inexpensive to more costly…

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  • 10:02

    Use Markers to Create Urban Model Railroad Buildings

    Those of us model railroaders who have urban scenes on our layouts are often dismayed at the high cost of buying building kits to create realistic scenes to fill vast spaces. Finding enough variety of building shapes and architectural styles is also problematic. Watch as Expert Modeler Tom Lund creates urban model railroad buildings at…

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  • 10:33

    Tips for Assembling Model Railroad Buildings

    Have you ever been on a layout tour and been just a bit underwhelmed with the way the model railroad buildings appeared? Even if the painting and weathering look good, you can’t quite put your finger on it, but something looks, well – off. The walls don’t quite look square which leads to a cattywampus…

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