• 22:35

    Cutting Tool Tips

    Modeler George Sebastian-Coleman discusses the varieties and uses of various cutting tools in the hobby. Cutting tools come in three basic varieties – knives, saws, and files. A hobby knife is common in modeling and useful for making small cuts on wood and styrene. It’s important to have a board underneath the cutting surface so…

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  • 4:29

    Installing a Tortoise

    If you purchase a brand new Tortoise Slow-Motion Switch Machine for your model railroad layout, you will notice there is some assembly required as well as an installation process. Although the process is fairly easy and the product comes with instructions and templates, some modelers learn best from visual instruction. In this video, modeler George…

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  • 12:40

    Hand-Laying Track: A Step-by-Step Guide

    Among all the decisions required to make when designing a model railroad, the style of track is very influential to the final outcome. There’s a few factors to consider when it comes time to choose between hand laid track versus flex track. Time and cost are two of the major influences on making that decision,…

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