• 3:08

    Aesthetics and Furnishings in Your Model Railroad Room

    Ever wonder about museum-quality tips that can give your model train layout room a more-finished, quality look. Or perhaps a space adjacent to your layout where your guests can feel welcome and comfortable as they watch your trains pass, or perhaps take a break from a busy operating session? Furnishing a Model Railroad Room NMRA…

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  • 5:24

    Creating Realistic Stone Walls on Your Layout

    As with all other scenery components on a layout, weathering the walls of your structures is highly important for adding realism and intrigue to your model railroad. Many real railroads feature buildings, tunnels and other structures in towns and along the tracks that were constructed from stone and concrete, so it’s only natural that some…

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  • 6:59

    David Holl’s Design & Inspiration for Penn Valley Railroad

    David Holl’s HO scale Penn Valley Railroad is a masterful example of a railroad layout built around modeling reality. Everything component of David’s spectacular railroad is intended to captivate, and the Penn Valley is the culmination of a decades-long obsession with Pennsylvania railroads. In this segment, David sits down with host Allen Keller to talk…

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  • Model Railroad Switching Operations

    Running Model Railroad Switching Operations On a Small Layout

    Just because your layout doesn’t have five stops and three branch lines doesn’t mean you can’t run realistic model railroad switching operations on your layout. It just means you need to get a little bit creative with the way you utilize the trackage on a small layout. Whether it’s running laps to extend your train’s…

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