• 30:41

    Bulkhead Flatcar Modifications

    We join modeler Bob Rivard at his workbench. After he buys a new freight car, he does some prototype research, looking for a perfect photo online that shows the car on the line he’s modeling and from the correct time. In Bob’s case, this is the Soo Line circa 1977. Bob recently purchased a CB&Q…

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  • 7:48

    Creating Lumber Stacks Pre-1960 Style

    MRA Contributing Editor Martin Tärnrot makes lumber stacks for flatbed cars – the type of lumber stacks that were made when everything was done manually, before 1960. The lumber was stacked on the car manually and then a cage was built around the lumber to keep it in place during transportation. OLD AND NEW METHODS…

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  • 5:38

    Realistic Wooden Flatbed Decks

    If you offload cargo at its destination and run empty cars back to where they came from, the wooden decks on the flatbeds are now exposed. Have you weathered the decks for a more realistic look? MRA Contributing Editor Martin Tärnrot shares one of his techniques for weathering flatbeds. ADDING EFFECTS TO A WOODEN DECK…

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