• 5:26

    Modeling Gravel Roads with Martin Tarnrot

    In this video Martin Tarnrot demonstrates his method of making HO scale roads, and in particular, gravel roads. There are many methods to achieve a nice looking result, but the method he has used throughout my entire layout. For this video instruction, Martin made a small diagram, made from two inch thick Styrofoam. He prefers…

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  • 7:11

    Working with Curved Easements with Martin Tarnrot

    In this video with modeler Martin Tarnrot, he will discuss how to add curved easements. This adds to the appearance of the railroad and the functional reliability. The subroadbed is a 12 mm thick plywood sheet. This first step in laying the track is to mark the centerline of the track. He uses a homemade…

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  • 4:41

    How to Ballast Fast and Easy with Martin Tarnrot

    In this free video lesson, modeler Martin Tarnrot shows you how to lay model railroad ballast fast and easy. He learned this method from a friend after he expressed how difficult and time consuming he found the process. The base material he will use is styrofoam and the track bed is Woodland Scenics ballast in…

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  • 11:34

    The Ford Plant Has Two Sides

    Modeler Rich Mahaney presents model railroad clinics all across America. In this video, Rich will discuss a layout in Missouri that features a huge industry that was built on the Mexico Texas and Western model railroad, also known as the Mexico Train Works in Mexico, Missouri. When Rich lived in Mexico, he was a member…

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  • 4:20

    How to Make a Cobblestone Path

    In this video, modeler Martin Tarnrot will demonstrate how to make a cobblestone path, perfect for a model railroad city park. The foundation of the pathway is made up of styrofoam. He glues the styrofoam foundation in place with PVA glue. On top of this, he glues the pathway and secures it down to dry…

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  • 8:35

    How to Lay HO Scale Track

    In this video modeler Josh Clark will demonstrate how to install model railroad trackwork. As discussed in another of Josh’s Model Railroad Academy videos, sturdy benchwork will be a good foundation for the track and roadbed. To install the roadbed Josh uses cork. For the HO scale track he will use code 83 and code…

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  • B&M New Hamshire Division and Layout Tour: The Towns of Haverhill Junction and Barrett

    B&M New Hampshire Division: The Towns of Haverhill Junction and Barrett

    Haverhill Junction on the B&M New Hampshire Division model railroad features a diamond crossing and a vintage ball signal. This model is based on the prototypes former crossing of the main central railroad at Whitefield, New Hampshire. The ball signal, possibly the last one standing in the US, protected the crossing for many decades. The…

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  • 2:11

    Overview of the New England, Berkshire & Western

    In this video, view an overview of the New England, Berkshire & Western model railroad layout. This video is Allen Keller’s tribute to the Rensselaer Model Railroad Society on the 50th anniversary of the club and 25th anniversary of the New England, Berkshire & Western model railroad. This is the fourth version of the HO…

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  • 19:27

    Touring the New England, Berkshire & Western

    Our tour of the New England, Berkshire and Western model railroad begins with an Alco RS-3, one of the many on the line. It picks a car up at the Garnet Mine Shed. The switching move passes Sullivan’s Cole Company. At North Creek Station train 182 the Local is leaving for Chateaugay. When 182 reaches…

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