• 8:32

    Construction on Ron’s Five Model Railroads

    When modeling California, model builder Ron Kuykendall knows that a lot of palm trees are needed. Scratch building them is quite the construction project so he makes multiple at a time. He starts with a dowel and a roll of roughed up shingles shaped in a conical fashion. The dead fronds are cut sections of…

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  • 8:38

    Ron’s Weathering Techniques

    Ron Kuykendall is a specialist when it comes to weathering on his layout. In fact, he has written a number of articles in magazines on the subject. Two primary techniques are dry and wet brushing. The wash method is probably the most effective for weathering. Ron uses a flat enamel and paint thinner, so oil…

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  • 2:00

    Introduction to the Virginian & Ohio

    This video introduces Allen McClelland’s famous HO scale Virginian and Ohio model railroad. The Virginian and Ohio, or V & O for short, has taken on a lore of a prototype among modelers and is often referred to as the complete model railroad. Every part of the railroad contributes to the whole and stands out…

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  • 5:12

    Scenery on the Virginian and Ohio

    In this video Allen Keller sits down with Allen McClelland to discuss the scenery on his Virginian and Ohio model railroad. McClelland enjoys many aspects of model railroading, but the thing he enjoys most is the fellowship from other modelers. Never has McClelland been involved in an activity where the companionship and fellowship is as…

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