• 2:34

    Overview of Roger Russell’s 3 Narrow Gauge Layouts

    Modeler Roger Russell is a man who does narrow gauge modeling in a big way. He has three separate layouts in different scales, the SN-3 Denver Rio Grande and Southern, the ON-3 Colorado and Southern, and the 3/8th inch scale Russell Creek Lumber Company. His exposure to Colorado narrow gauge influenced his modeling. Roger has…

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  • 5:44

    Touring Roger’s 3 Narrow Gauge Layouts

    Roger Russell and Allen Keller start their tour of the 3 Narrow Gauge model railroad layouts at the San Juan on its way to Sargent. It’s powered by a K-28 Number 473, a 282. Behind the depot is the Ridgeway engine facility where an RGS goose heads into the roundhouse. Trout Lake has a spur…

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  • 9:29

    Operations on Roger’s 3 Narrow Gauge Layouts

    In this video, watch operations on Roger Russell’s 3 narrow gauge model railroad layouts. Another Makato 491 with a freight is leaving Sargent with a massive coaling dock. The train backs into the Trout Lake Tunnel. Above is the Trout Lake Trestle, the K-37 completes its turn and heads for Jaks Cabin. Later a C-19…

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  • 5:04

    Owner Inspiration & Techniques on the 3 Narrow Gauge Layouts

    Roger Russell has one layout based on logging and one based on mining. Each is in a different scale. His 3 Narrow Gauge layouts are in three different scales for the challenge. Most people only have time for one layout while he finds the time to super detail three different layouts with the help of…

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  • 3:03

    Roger Russell’s 3/8” Scale Portable Layout

    Roger Russell’s ⅜ inch scale portable backwoods model railroad layout won Best of Show at the 1994 National Narrow Gauge Convention. A friend of his designed the construction, having the layout built on hollow core doors with legs that fold underneath. This makes it very very light and easy to get to conventions. Roger’s friends…

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  • 2:01

    Combining Different Scales with Roger Russell

    Many ask narrow gauge modeler Roger Russell how he combines different scales on his ⅜ inch scale layout to make it look real. In the video, Roger shows a small engine service or engine facility with an S scale boiler, an O scale dog, a ⅜ inch jack, and a ½ inch barrel. Inside the…

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  • 3:32

    Roger Russell’s Locomotives

    Roger Russell’s Shay locomotive won first place at the Narrow Gauge Convention. It’s a 20 to 22 ton Jerry Hunt Shay construction of the C-28. He did all the research and development on it and sent it to his custom builder. After some more finishing by him, he brought it to the show. The chain…

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  • 6:44

    Creating Scenery with Roger Russell

    When creating scenery on his layouts, Roger Russell starts by yellow gluing painted ceiling tile on top of hollow core to give it vertical depth. Then he uses spray paint to seal it so it doesn’t move when he paints. He then seals this with a mixture of white glue and water and adds fine…

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  • 4:00

    Roger Russell’s On3 and Sn3 Layouts

    Roger Russell’s On3 engine won first place in 1993 at the San Antonio Convention. This was a lot of fun for him. Roger wanted to create something different that he had never seen at a Narrow Gauge convention. The engine started as a kit and he soldered it together in precision scale. The inspiration for…

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