• 2:14

    Using Building Flats to Create a City

    Most model railroaders usually aren’t blessed with enough space to model a whole three-dimensional city. So, building a model railroad means making a series of comprises. Expert modeler Tom Lund shares some tips for creating the illusion of a large city in a compressed space using building flats, or flat buildings. And best of all,…

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  • 2:23

    Model Railroading Introduction to Digital Command Control

    There’s probably no single advancement in running model railroad locomotives in the last half-century more significant than Digital Command Control, or DCC. It simply has revolutionized the way we run and control not only trains but signals, turnouts and many other functions – all from a hand control throttle known as a cab. Veteran modeler…

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  • 10:02

    Use Markers to Create Urban Model Railroad Buildings

    Those of us model railroaders who have urban scenes on our layouts are often dismayed at the high cost of buying building kits to create realistic scenes to fill vast spaces. Finding enough variety of building shapes and architectural styles is also problematic. Watch as Expert Modeler Tom Lund creates urban model railroad buildings at…

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  • 10:57

    Laying Model Railroad Track: Tips and Tricks

    Any proficient modeler knows, if you take your time and apply the necessary effort to build good, sturdy model railroad track, your layout is going to last you a long, long time. Conversely, if you rush through the process of designing and installing model railroad track and you don’t pay attention to the details, you’ll…

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