Techniques for Spectacular Scenery 1: Scenery Base

In this session you will learn the importance of a good scenery base. You will get an overview of several different types of scenery base and a variety of materials used in building them. Considerations for planning your scenery will be discussed. You will see a demonstration of two of the most common and popular types of scenery base and how they are constructed.

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6 Responses to “Techniques for Spectacular Scenery 1: Scenery Base”

  1. James Karenko

    Good tips on the wall patch plaster/Blue shop towels and Surform tool/mess potential. I’m at this stage in my layout, right now. Great timing. Thanks.

  2. Steven Ruple

    Awesome video on constructing the base for your scenery. Thank you very much for this technique. This will help me considerably in getting started.

  3. Jerome Lodge

    Very interesting and informative guidance session. Enjoyable and Educational