TRACK TALK LIVE: August 2017

August’s Track Talk Live saw Doug Hodgdon and Steve Doyle take to the road to visit the G (Garden) scale layout of Bob Rivard, whose layout has been featured in Great Model Railroads and Garden Railroads. With lots of action behind them, the duo of Clickety and Clack fielded many questions from beginners wondering about benchwork, layout designing, sub-roadbeds and wiring – essential elements for a smoothly operating railroad. They also discussed DCC decoder resetting, assembling micro-couplers and power demands for pantograph-running of a GG-1 model.

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15 Responses to “TRACK TALK LIVE: August 2017”

  1. Lou

    I have several PFM engines that are equipped with PFM sound and speakers. I also have a few PFM-2 sound transformers and tape decks. I love this old system because many of the sounds, whistle/bell, etc., are terrific to my ear. The engines and all the other equipment has held up great over the years. I would appreciate any comments you might offer about this system – Good/Bad, available tech help, etc. I appreciate any of your thoughts. You guys are terrific, keep up the informative and entertaining work. Best regards, Lou

  2. Ed from Omaha

    HO scale modeler. Have couple dozen blue box 1980-1990’s Athearn Diesel Locos in storage (most never used). Would it be worth it to upgrade these to DCC and put them on my layout or sell them so someone else can utilize them (not sure they have any value today). Appreciate your words of wisdom

  3. Ben Colley

    What is the best way to create my own white, light gray, or silver decals so I can model my favorite roads??

  4. Paul

    Thanks for the reply and yes I am still out of bed over here in England at 1:30 am in the morning, I actually work for one of the largest DIY stores in the UK but haven’t yet found anything in our inventory suitable for quietening looks like I will have to check out what our competition has, Cheers for taking the time to answer my question

  5. Dieter

    I’m new to this hobby having been occupied with radio controlled model aircraft until now. Am listening to your presentation with great interest.
    Have built a 4′ X 8′ table topped with 1″ foam. Here’s my question; Where can I find a HO track layout which which is not too complicated but does include tunnels and perhaps 2 levels above the foam plate. I’m sure I’ll have many more questions later on but I thought to start with this one first. I’really enjoying you chat. Thanks.

  6. Lou

    Is the value of brass engines diminished through use? I love running these older engines, but am I messing up by over-use?

  7. JOHN

    Tell the guy to get the wet water in a spray bottle with a gentle sprayer. Do that first.

  8. Paul

    I’m going to build my first portable layout to do train shows. In the past for my home layouts I have always used Peco track and pointwork on cork underlay, but for this one I am going to use Kato N scale Unitrak, the board will be 9 mm ply will this be noisy in operation do you think and can you suggest what to use under the track to ensure quiet running, no brand names for products please as they may not be available here in the UK. The layout will be 8 feet by 3 feet modelling the US North West in the 1995 to the present period Paul Walton

  9. Kim

    Getting back into model railroading, have a lot of 70’s Bachmann diesel engines with pizza-cutter wheels.

    Do I build a section with Code 80 track for them and a separate section for Code 55.

    Are can you change the wheels on the engines.

  10. Dennis Woytek

    Is there a universal reset for DCC locomotives using a Digitrax controller?

  11. chuck

    hi guys, thanks for trying to help an OLD model train fan begin playing again. Can you build a shelf railroad big enough for a twomain without attaching to walls?

    • JOHN

      This really depends on how you intend the brace thing. The more weight you put up high, the more leverage you create for a potential fall over. A three sided interconnected design might be best. Good luck!

  12. Bill

    It would be better if an additional email was sent out a couple of days in advance of a Track Talk Live broadcast to alert viewers. Unless you have your computer on and are checking your emails you can miss an episode with just a 30min notice.