• Touring the East Canyon Springs

    Making use of model railroad structure kits doesn’t mean your layout will be cookie cutter. Craftsman kits offer major opportunity for customization, creativity, and originality. The Musselshell & Yogo Peak Model Railroad designed by Bill Briggs offers an excellent example of this. The highly detailed buildings of the M&YP are primarily made from kits. Each… Read more »

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  • Tips for Model Railroading Tools: Parallel Jaw Pliers

    Model railroading construction requires various tools depending on the task at hand. You likely already have most of the basic tools you will need for your model railroad in your toolbox, but there are some tools you may have never heard of that can make your modeling process much easier. Most specialized tools are fairly… Read more »

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  • A Behind the Scenes Tour of Hoosac Valley Railroad

    For an example of highly detailed landscapes and realistic scenery, look no further than the Hoosac Valley model railroad designed and constructed by Dick Elwell. His display showcases his precision, thoroughness, and dedication to the craft of railroad modeling. Around every corner is an impressive display of craftsmanship. A layout such as this inspires the… Read more »

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  • 011277f_U0683U_c

    Close your eyes at the Hoosac Valley model railroad and you will be transported to New England. The realism of the sights and sounds are unparalleled. Modeler Dick Elwell is a genious when it comes to model railroad operations. He has an unmistakable talent for bringing layouts to life through narrative. Dick designed Hoosac Valley… Read more »

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  • Model Train Layout Design on Dick Elwell’s Hoosac Valley Railroad

    Dick Elwell claims he didn’t know much about model railroads when he started his journey, but he knew he loved trains. That passion drove him to become the modeling expert he is today. He describes himself as someone who doesn’t plan, but rather credits his layout to luck. He began building Hoosac Valley in 1959… Read more »

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  • Creating Realistic Model Railway Trees

    Allen Keller describes Dick Elwell’s scenery as “state of the art.” Unlike most modelers, Dick doesn’t use sawdust, zip texturing, ground foam, or poly-fiber to create model railway trees. He has advanced from these techniques and uses 90% wild oregano for the foliage on his Hoosac Valley model railroad layout. Creating Realistic Model Railway Trees… Read more »

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  • 011283f_U0689U_c

    Dick Elwell is a prodigy when it comes to wiring and scenery. It’s rare for a modeler to be carefully skilled in both areas of modeling since they are contrastingly different from one another. Allen Keller describes wiring as regimented and linear, whereas he describes scenery as free form. Dick essentially engineered both the wiring… Read more »

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  • Techniques for Creating Model Scenery with Hydrocal

    There are multiple ways to create model scenery, but Dick Elwell swears by Hydrocal for his Hoosac Valley layout. Hydrocal is a mixture of plaster that hardens to create molds. It can be handy for making mountainous formations and other various model scenery. Dick believes it is a great product to use, but many people… Read more »

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  • 011287f_U0693U_c

    The Hoosac Valley Railroad was built in 1959 and is now several decades old yet is still an advanced example of fine modeling. Although the main track line has stayed fairly consistent, Dick Elwell is constantly thinking of ways to update the layout. He continues to incorporate new technology and new techniques into Hoosac Valley… Read more »

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