• Making Trees for Model Railways: Techniques for Your Layout

    Model scenery begins to appear realistic with the integration of foliage. It brings dimension and detail to a model railroad layout. With such importance, making trees for model railways can be a tedious step in your designing process. Typical railway scenes require vast amounts of greenery. The process can be especially exhausting if you are… Read more »

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  • Model Railway Control Panel

    The model railway control panel serves a crucial role in the operations of the layout. It is sometimes overlooked in the modeling process and created after the layout is complete. There are numerous types and styles of control panels. A centralized traffic control board (CTC) is one method of communicating with the dispatcher. Unfortunately, incorporating… Read more »

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  • 011221f_U0662u_c-Final words with Allen Keller & George Sellios

    Model railroading has proven to be a complex hobby mixed with creativity, art, and history. Layouts are often influenced by actual locations and time periods. In fact, many modelers have created layouts that are accurate replications of history. Any dedicated modeler can recreate a genuine work of railroad art with a bit of research and… Read more »

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  • 011206f_U0647u_c-Franklin & South Manchester, New England (Part 3) - A Behind the Scenes Tour

    Follow along as the F&SM makes its way through tunnels and mountains of New England. Catch a private tour of the model railroad layout. Indulge in the sights and sounds that New England has to offer. Every inch of this layout tells a narrative through vintage advertising, architectural style of the buildings and steep hills…. Read more »

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  • 011208f_U0649u_c-Operations on the Franklin & South Manchester, New England (Part 3)

    In the hustle and bustle of New England lies the tracks of the F&SM. They twist and turn through the small dreary towns greeting monstrous industrial buildings and steep rocky mountains along the way. The F&SM locomotive travels through Manchester, Chesterville and Belverton providing some close and personal perspectives of the towns. Join along as… Read more »

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  • 011210f_U0651u_c-Design and Inspiration for the Franklin & South Manchester, New England (Part 3) - PREVIEW

    It’s fascinating to delve into the mind of an expert when you are passionate about a particular hobby. There are many great model railroad design experts. One notable modeler goes by the name of George Sellios. He is the owner of Fine Scale Miniatures, a business that creates wooden structure kits for model railroad layouts…. Read more »

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  • 011212f_U0653u_c-Wood using Fine Scale Miniature Kits

    George Sellios is creator and owner of Fine Scale Miniature Kits, a company dedicated to selling quality wooden structure kits for model railroads. At one point in his career he was producing 700-800 kits a year. The meticulous craftsman is known for creating kits with careful detailing, but what ultimately sets his kits aside from… Read more »

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  • 011214f_U0655u_c-Weathering with Alcohol, Ink, and Paint

    George Sellios is known for making countless model train weathering techniques famous. Many techniques used in his layouts have been replicated and recognized as essential procedures for realistic modeling. For example, George doesn’t claim to be the first to use authentic dirt in his layout, but he made it famous. While experimenting with his layout,… Read more »

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  • 011216f_U0657u_c-Q&A with Allen Keller and George Sellios

    Allen Keller and George Sellios sit down to discuss topics regarding model railroading. George fills us in on his past and current experience with the craft. His extensive background in modeling is beyond compare. No other model railroad has had as much coverage as the Franklin & South Manchester layout created by George. The layout… Read more »

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