TRACK TALK LIVE: December 2017

Check out the recap of our monthly Track Talk Live with model railroad expert and long-time train enthusiast Doug Hodgdon. Doug answers your model railroad questions live on the air in this fun, interactive, and informative Q&A.

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22 Responses to “TRACK TALK LIVE: December 2017”

  1. Jim Ridolfi
    Jim Ridolfi

    I have an HO around the room layout. I am starting to wire it for DCC. I am going to use Wago Connectors instead of suitcase connectors. Have you ever used this type of connector?

  2. Jason Vidalia
    Jason Vidalia

    This is great! We love watching your show in our office. Ms Choo Choo is a GREAT name!
    Merry Christmas from cold Minnesota

  3. Roger

    Any tips in using static grass application in general? Any problems mixing various types of grass at same time color or size ?

  4. Terry Tucker
    Terry Tucker

    I have a G Scale Aristo-Craft Locomotive and have been looking for some powered trucks for a SD-45 any idea where they could be located?

  5. Bruce Chladny
    Bruce Chladny

    I run an HO scale model and have about 50 feet of track looped around my table. I have five or so feeder lines supplying power to the track in various spots. My trouble is this, in one three foot section, the train slows down, I even have a feeder wire right in that section. Is there a way to determine if there is too much resistance in the track, or better yet what is going on?

  6. John Leon in Nebo NC
    John Leon in Nebo NC

    I have a Lionel Fastrack 6 ft by 8ft layout and the locomotives slow down in a few spots. I have a Lionel voltage car which I have slowly run around the track and the voltage is even throughout the layout. What else should I be checking for to solve my problem?

  7. John Myers
    John Myers

    John from Corvallis, Oregon….HO scale……I’ve operated on large layouts with Digitrax and NCE DCC systems. Do you recommend one over the other? What are some of the issues with each? I know the digitrax system has some intermittent glitches with consists and power fluctuations. Thanks.

  8. Mike

    I’m using HO in PA. How do you recommend building a decreasing radius helix to simulate a mountain with 360 degree visual access? I need to have a vertical increase of 24″.

  9. Bruce Chladny
    Bruce Chladny

    I have a wide variety of HO scale locomotives. Some purchased new and others used. Is there a simple way to determine if they are DC only, DCC ready, or DCC equipped without taking the locomotives apart and not having a DCC system at my disposal?

  10. Scott

    A wonderful edition. Thank you Mr. Clickity AND Ms. Choo Choo. See y’all next month. Merry Christmas and a Joyus New Year.

  11. Helmut Eppich
    Helmut Eppich

    No question. Just a complement for all railroad model enthusiasts. Have to hand it to you guys. Time, creativity, talent, and devoted passion is incredible. Long gone are the times of simple track on green grass paper and styrofoam tunnels. The size and detail of the huge layouts are incredible. Their realism is fantastic. Creative and building processes are mind boggling. Keep on chugging!

  12. Larry

    Doug: In your reply to the question about laser kits, please make sure that the modeler knows that because of the way they are cut, the kits also will absorb the paint carrier and alcohol from the stains almost instantly. Also be very careful of the instructions as some manufacturers have mistakes in them.

    Larry Smith, MMR

  13. PETER

    hi all my name is peter and I am 71 and very new to the train hobbies and I would love any help that you can give I have thought about ho scale at the moment I am thinking about australia trains can you help

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      Hello Rick,

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