Show Us Your Layout

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42 Responses to “Show Us Your Layout”
  1. Jon Harrison

    My former profession involved building scale models of satellites and testing them in my home drop tower. I am now building a very accurate model of Cajon Pass Summit and the downhill areas of Alray and Gish in my home in Portland, Oregon. The layout is roughly 30×60 ft.

    • Warner Swarner

      I have many wonderful memories and photos of chasing trains (and even cab ride) over Cajon. Lived near there, Loma Linda area, for ten years. Now, in Portland also. Would love to share stories and see more of your layout.

  2. Philip C

    Modeling in N scale , lots of kitbashing and modifying locos and rolling stock . The stagecoach body was originally a bracelet charm .

  3. John

    Two passenger trains entering and leaving town. Entire set only 2’x9′. Unfortunately, set torn down when moved. Hoping for bigger set in new house.

  4. Katherine Ledebuhr

    It was essential to have the new layout operational from the start to spark the interest of the grandchildren who were helping. Although it was fun to be building with a train running around you; it did make the construction challenging. We really appreciated the help of the 10 year old who was able to squeeze into tight spots during construction and the help of the 4 year old who was light enough to climb onto hard to reach areas for placing landscape and accents to the layout.

  5. Justin

    Santa Fe HO layout inspired by the Surf Line. Around the room and single peninsula. Focussed on citrus industry. Single main line. Six months in on this project so far. Regards from Sydney, Australia

  6. Bob

    Started this 12×6 “dog bone” HO layout in 2012-2013. Of course, every year something is added/subtracted or improved. Just started DCC 2 years ago and still learning my way. I have been “HO train involved” since about 1960 and even still have some rolling stock on the layout from back then!

  7. Doug

    Loved my layout but basement problems necessitated its removal. Something smaller (N-scale) being considered now. Layout was 30 years old- time for a re-build.

  8. Francis Coarr

    Just started N scale Railroading, Building my first layout through trial and error…

  9. dholsinger

    Is this THE Mystic Mountain in north Georgia? Was there about six years ago. Not sure that it still existed.

  10. dholsinger

    What great color! Trees are absolutely magnificent. Do you utilize kits or are they “home-made”?


    This is my first N gauge RR. Have built HO before (40 years ago) but this has been fun. It’s not finished yet. Lots of detail work to do. Previously I built 54mm military dioramas… Civil War, the Alamo, WWII… etc… In 2004 my diorama of the Battle of the Alamo was displayed at the Witte Museum in San Antonio Texas and also at the San Jacinto Monument in Houston…