Techniques for Spectacular Scenery 2: Rocks, Texture, and Color

In this session you will learn how to apply and color rocks and other ground texture to your scenery base in preparation for scenic details. You will learn about a variety of materials and methods for making scenic rocks. You will also see a demonstration of how to mold, install, and color your own plaster rocks. You will learn about choosing the right color for painting your earth areas. Finally, will see a demonstration of applying basic ground textures for earth and undergrowth.

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One Response to “Techniques for Spectacular Scenery 2: Rocks, Texture, and Color”

  1. Paul Lichau
    Paul Lichau

    Sessions 1 & 2 were very informative and gave me some great ideas and techniques to start my first layout. Ron is a very fine instructor that covers the details that are necessary. Looking forward to the future sessions!