Martin Tärnrot

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Martin Tärnrot
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This session explains the major benefits of using 3D print to create all those small items needed to add detail to your model railroad. It also gives an overview of the two major technologies of printers and what to be preferred for different applications.
The FDM printing technology is explained including its pros and cons. We´re giving an overview over the different print medias available for FDM and working our way through printing a roof truss for a large sawmill installation.
The resin printer technology is explained including its pros and cons. We´re giving an overview over the different resins available and working our way through printing H0-scale electrical cabinet for line side installation.
Printing an object is just the start in the process of getting a new detail in place on the layout. In this session we´re focusing on the painting and weathering techniques suitable for 3-D printed objects, such as figures, structures, and cabins.
4 Lessons
1  hrs 23  mins

The main purpose of this class is to explain the advantages and process of using 3-D printing as a cost-efficient tool for creating custom and unique items for the model railroad.

In this class we are sorting out the different printer technologies available in the consumer market. We´re explaining the advantages and disadvantages with each technology, the functional principle, and working our way through the process of printing a 3-D model on each of them. We´re guiding you away from the more common beginner mistakes and explaining how to set the print parameters up, avoiding print failures. We´re also walking you through the maintenance required for each type of printers.

This class will give you an overview of the available print medias and what type of printouts they can be used for. We´re explaining what changes you typically need to make to the printer setup when changing the print media.

In most cases printing an object is only the start in the process of getting a new detail on the layout. We´re therefore spending a full session assembling, painting, and weathering the items we printed during the class. This includes some practical advises especially for 3D printed items using the different print medias.

Martin Tärnrot

Martin Tärnrot is a lifelong model railroader born with a model railroad on his bedroom carpet. Model railroading has always been an important part of his life and he has, over the years, built numerous layouts on different themes, both U.S. and European style. Since 2016, Martin has been working full-time within the model railroad industry, as a content producer of how-to videos, both for publishers and manufacturers.

Martin Tärnrot

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