Benchwork Essentials

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Benchwork Essentials
  • In-depth Instruction; over 82 mins
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7 Lessons
1  hrs 22  mins

Building a model railroad is a very exciting prospect, but a quality layout requires a quality foundation.

In this class, you’ll learn what it takes to build benchwork that will provide the strength and stability you need for your layout, fit the specific requirements that will help you attain your goals as a model railroad builder, and not break the bank with extra, unnecessary materials.

To this end, your instructor for the class, Ron Marsh, will cover these details for you:

  • Several crucial decisions you need to make before you start building your benchwork.
  • Various styles of benchwork that will suit every layout type and situation.
  • Different materials that can be used in building benchwork.
  • The tools you will need to work with each of these building materials.
  • How to build one popular style of benchwork start to finish.

As you learn each of these elements, you will get illustrations and demonstrations of a variety of techniques that will help you produce not only strong and stable benchwork but quality craftsmanship and a professional looking product as well.

You’ll see principles put into action as we build the benchwork for a layout together.

In addition to your video instruction, you’ll get a helpful Class Guide PDF that you can print out use as a reference as you build your own layout benchwork.

Bonus materials available after purchase

Benchwork Essentials Purchase this class for $35.99.