Doug Hodgdon

Getting Started with Sectional Track

Doug Hodgdon
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Getting Started with Sectional Track
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In this opening session, Doug introduces himself and gives you a broad perspective on what he’ll cover in this class – and why this is truly the World’s Greatest Hobby.
N scale has become very popular as a way to get a lot of railroading into a smaller space. In this session, Doug will cover the popular brands and track specifications.
HO scale has been the most popular size track for model railroading for decades. If you’re looking for a good balance between room size and reliable operation, HO might be the choice for you. In this session, Doug explains various HO track options.
O scale track has been around for many decades. It was the standard in the old days. If you are one of the many modelers who enjoy the size and feel of those big trains, this is a fun session.
Doug describes the Atlas wiring components for basic Digital Control (DC) operation. They have been the standard for layout wiring for decades. We’ve included wiring examples as graphics.
Track tools can be pretty basic. Doug will show you a selection of his own track tools, including hand tools and his power rotary rail cutting tools.
8 Lessons
38  mins

In this class, you’ll see how easy it is to get started with model railroading in any of the major scales using sectional track.

The idea of using sectional track is the building block concept with fixed, straight, and curve radius pre-fab sections. It’s hard to go wrong using sectional track, especially as there are many track planning books available. Some sectional track even comes with a pre-formed roadbed.

In this class, your instructor is Doug Hodgdon, and he’ll go through many examples of tracks and radii of multiple manufacturers and scales from Z through O. There’s a lot to choose from. Your choice requires some study – and Doug will help you through the process.

For the novice, sectional track is the best choice, but as you, the layout builder, become more proficient, you can graduate into other forms of track laying, including flex track or, even hand laid track, custom built switches, and the layout of your dreams. Wow!

Let Doug help you get started. Model railroading is fun!

Doug Hodgdon

Douglas Hodgdon joined the Model Railroad Academy in 2016 and has a passion for helping fellow railway enthusiasts pursue their love of trains. He received his first train set at just three years old, a Marx wind-up, which captivated his interest. Since then, Doug has maintained a fascination with model trains. His journey began as a teenager working at a hobby store, eventually evolving into a 50-year-long profession dedicated to constructing model railroads across various scales, from Z scale to 1 1/2" to the foot (1:8) scale. Doug specializes in S scale, specifically the Proto 64 variety, where he operates his Southern Pacific "Citrus District" layout, spanning 2' x 18' and utilizing a waybill system. Doug believes that model railroading, often referred to as "The World's Greatest Hobby," offers a fantastic avenue for learning, growth, and the creation of three-dimensional art. In his role as a host for the Model Railroad Academy, his aim is to inspire and unite fellow hobbyists.

Doug Hodgdon

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