MRA GOLD LIVE: Easy Weathering Techniques

Model Railroad Academy Editor Ron Marsh demonstrates easy techniques for adding basic weathering to your freight cars in this exclusive GOLD LIVE event. These techniques will enhance the realism of your rolling stock and your overall layout.


To view the live class, be sure to visit this page while logged in to your GOLD member account.

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16 Responses to “MRA GOLD LIVE: Easy Weathering Techniques”

  1. Arnold Brylski

    Just retired,looking to model railroading for a hobby

  2. Shirley Cahall

    missed it

  3. William

    Your techniques are very straight forward but effective thank you

  4. William Irwin

    Missed the broadcast glad it will be available tonight

  5. Gerald

    I liked your presentation. My only suggestion would be to get a closer view of the models your working on. I think it would maybe be easier to see what your working on (especially in N scale) Thanks

  6. Mark Soltanuk

    I'm interested in the technic.


    I missed the presentation, so how do I get to see it now?

  8. Kenneth

    Does work equally well on plastic and metal

  9. Simon

    please give a recap on the artist paint colours that you used

  10. Robert Orlik

    Can't see LIVE feed