Track Talk Live: February 2017

N-Scalers took center stage on the latest Track Talk Live with MRA Editor Steve Doyle and model railroad expert, Doug Hodgdon. Responding to a host of questions submitted live, Steve and Doug discussed DCC, speaker baffles for sound, adding weight to improve traction, track cleaning devices and even creating custom liveries and logos for our miniature engines.


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28 Responses to “Track Talk Live: February 2017”

  1. jeff

    Thank you for all you both do,helping us getting back into trains again,and for all newcomers .My lifetime dream after I took down my first layout 45 yrs ago was when I retire I would build my dream layout.A lot has changed but then again not so much,my first one back in is dc with blocks(old timer here lol)Question please??I joined the acadamy and dont understand how watching the videos work I dont recieve the premeum ones at all?

  2. James

    Should be a great way to see what modellers want to ask.

  3. Dr Larry Millikan


  4. Garry

    HI I live in Australia, Been modelling for 50 years Have a business card that I say , I make small loco axles and gears and this is the only place that it is displayed and yet I got an email from a man in Canada (email so It goes to show that you do not have to do extensive adverts. I saw a video that show how to lay flex track , I have not done same length rail joining for 35 years I always offset all joins except at turnout, Happy modeling

  5. bob

    why cant you people send dvds etc to Australia VIA PAYPAL as I am interested in quite a few of your videos etc Why cant you send by just allowing downloading as required over a period of time It annoys me that the ones I do watch are absolutely just cut short of giving anybody information . Am I expecting anything out of this discussion not really . Typical Yanks keep it to your selves

  6. Jim

    HO scale. Where can a guy find the track plan for the Inyo and White Mtn layout. It is a 9x11 and it has even a short narrow gauge run to the mining area. Looking for switch or turnouts etc

  7. John

    I want to understand the purpose or make up of a railyard. How to decide number of main lines running through and how siding should be set up. Thanks for your answer, John

  8. Homer


  9. Lou Grasso

    why would an mth premier o scale locomotive engine burn out while not running? Track power on only

  10. Pete Vassler

    I have a DCC question: I've been struggling with an intermittent stalling problem on my layout equipped with NCE, and using cabs that are either tethered or radio, the problem exists. When a loco stalls it acts as a short everywhere in the district (my layout has 4 separate power districts, one being a reverser for the wye and reverse loop) and shuts down the other locos in the district momentarily, then it all starts up again...then stalls and starts up again anywhere from 1 to 6 or 7 times in a row. It happens in different places, sometimes on perfectly straight track, on two of the districts and the reverser district. The fourth district which is the logging branch is problem free. Sometimes trains sail around the layout with no problem, but not for long...and this 'gremlin' returns. This problem did not show up in the early years after installing the NCE system--but now occurs with all my locomotives, some more often than with others and acts differently in different directions of travel. It's like an unpredictable, moveable 'gremlin', if you will...and drives me and my guest operators crazzzy. The sound locos suddenly going silent and starting and stopping only emphasizes the agony for my guests. I recently changed out all my rolling stock wheels from plastic to metal--no change. Widened the gaps a little in the rail of the isolated reverser section and filled in with styrene so the wheels don't span the gaps--no change. I've gone thru the operating manual and gone online for help to no avail. Tearing my hair out--need help! Thanks. Pete Vassler