TRACK TALK LIVE: January 2018

Check out the recap of our monthly Track Talk Live with model railroad expert and long-time train enthusiast Doug Hodgdon. Doug answers your model railroad questions live on the air in this fun, interactive, and informative Q&A.

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26 Responses to “TRACK TALK LIVE: January 2018”

  1. Ron Williams

    Anyone needs help with there layout HO, O and N scales feel free to relay back I’m also good at building telephones poles and lamps poles as well.

  2. Ronald Williams

    Anyone needs help with lay out ideas ho, n, or o scale Gmail me I’m also good with building telephones and lamp poles to.

  3. David Sr.

    I’m currently planning an HO train layout but am having difficulty with determining riser height so trains will not have too much difficulty with climbing the grades. Is there a process to follow when determining grades and placing risers ?

  4. Larry

    Where does look to get specific info for installing full functioning crossing gates (lights, sound and action) in a HO DCC environment ???

  5. Bill Giolma

    I will never run more than 2 trains at at time and then not often. What NCE should I start out with for H.O.???

  6. Jeff

    I plan to use Tortoise switch machines for the 31 turnouts on my HO layout. The power supply says it will power 30 machines. Will 31 machines fail if I use the power supply for one more than the number listed?

  7. John Pritchard

    You are encouraging me to get into DCC. What do you suggest as a starter for a small HO layout and what is the range for a total cost?

  8. J.H.

    I’m wondering if anyone knows the hourly price range professional layout designers charge.

  9. John Yasenchak

    careful with the home a sote. It will pick up moisture and get wavy. No big deal on O gauage but on HO or N , could be trouble.

  10. DAN

    Hi Doug, I have a kinky problem lol. It seems the H.O. Flextrack I laid ( in the back of course) has buckled in a couple of places. I have it nailed down on cork, on 1/2″ homasote. I tried to allow a little room for expansion, but to no avail here. Any suggestions?

  11. Merle

    I’m stuck on my o-scale layout design. Can you recommend a servive that can help me complete the best desig so I can start building it?

  12. dennis smith

    I want information about setting up a retadrer system set up for a hump yard operation

  13. ARTHUR

    Will that I Phone 6 speaker with enclosure fit into an N Scale typical Diesel loco? Do you have any measurements available?

  14. Michael Lopez

    Hi guys and love what your doing for us fans! My question is dcc or traditional analog performance.
    I am so stuck with hands on operations and now its all digital. Whats the pros and cons of dcc. Thx and love your shows, mike of tacoma wa.

  15. David Barth

    Is there a product from any manufacturer that simulates real dirt, such as found in a farm field? I have used real dirt before but sifting and working it to the right size and texture is a lot of labor. Thank you!

  16. Cleve odom

    I would like to build my own buildings for g scale but I really dont know the right size building