Track Talk Live: September 2016

Check out the recap of our monthly Track Talk Live with model railroad experts and long-time train enthusiasts Steve Doyle and Doug Hodgdon. Steve and Doug answer your model railroad questions live on the air in this fun, interactive, and informative Q&A.

Feel free to submit questions live during the broadcast by writing in the comment box below!

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19 Responses to “Track Talk Live: September 2016”

  1. davidpenty

    I'm a new member and I have a question on ElectroFrog wiring. I've followed the directions I found In Model Railroad but I have a section of the turnout which is electrically dead. I think I need to solder in wiring across a gap in the frog but hate to wreck a good turnout if I'm wrong. I have a photo I can submit to show the problem. How would I get someone to answer me?

  2. Bruce Johnson

    Live long N-scale. Had stroke 3 years ago while starting a new layout.

  3. steven franek

    I'm new my space is 16 x 16 I have been purchasing a lot of O gauge trains and track and I want the two outside tracks to go around the double U shape I haven't built the tables yet and I have no clue what the heck I'm doing Can you help?? I also have a turn table and a round house for 5 to 8 engines that I want to use.

  4. Steve Moore

    video was extremely poor quality. I would not put it out there for the world to see if I couldn't do better than that.

  5. Brent Veleker

    Why does my dcc engine suddenly have a brief burst of speed? 3 rail O gauge MTH Commander base unit as controller.

  6. Gerald Drewes


  7. GaRRPete16

    Thanks that was a fast answer, I will try it in the AM. Pete

  8. GaRRPete16

    need help making compromise joints between different size rail, code 125 and 100.

  9. GaRRPete16

    sorry I am late just finished dinner with friends.

  10. David King

    Are there any new developments in model railroading that you're excited about?